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10 DIY ideas with skateboards

You have just fallen back on your old skateboards that were so loved as a teenager, and you don't know what to do with them? Above all, don't throw them out! With a little material, patience, and imagination, you can create furniture as original as practical! The proof in
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The table is inspired by autumn

September 22 marks the official arrival of fall. And even if it is also the end of summer, we are delighted to enter this beautiful season where nature takes on beautiful colors and prepares to enter winter. To switch gently into the autumnal spirit, a few
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Pineapple is worth a good slice

In the heat wave, our heart swings between watermelon and pineapple ... Our heart, our taste buds and our decor in fact! Because this summer, pineapple is everywhere: in the kitchen, the living room or the children's room, on the cushions, the lamps, the gift packs, the ice cube molds, the
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