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10 live decor brands from Brooklyn

A mythical place of cinema, the city of Brooklyn - next to the island of Manhattan - is gaining more and more popularity. Over the years, it has appropriated its own style, a design with vintage accents that transcends the Atlantic. found ten brands "made in" for you
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We are preparing the curtains for spring

The arrival of spring sounds the revival of decoration! We shed heavy curtains and warm decor in favor of a lighter and more refreshing atmosphere. You will understand, it's time to change your curtains to adapt to the season! Here are 10 ideas for
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The kitchen takes its summer quarters

When the good weather arrives, living outside becomes a real obsession. Also, there is no question of locking yourself inside to cook. The kitchen then takes its summer quarters and settles in the garden or on the terrace. Here are some ideas for settling in
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What table decoration for a baby shower?

In a few months baby will point the tip of his nose. To celebrate her near birth and the pregnancy of the future mother, why not organize a Baby Shower? Straight from across the Atlantic, this trend is attracting more and more future mothers in France. Discover ten ideas
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