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Habitat presents its new fall / winter 2011-2012 collection

Habitat presents its new fall / winter 2011-2012 collection

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After summer and the madness of saturated colors, it's a return to sobriety. Thus is revealed the new Habitat fall / winter 2011-2012 collection, always in a contemporary and design style that characterizes the brand. It also includes lighting, linen and furniture from the exclusive collaboration with several renowned designers. Presentation in pictures.

Wind cocooning in the room

Habitat ** The coming seasons herald a renewal on the side of the bed: a bath of soft materials and patterns. A call to the refuge, a real cozy nest in which to snuggle up this winter. **

A subtle and elegant workspace

Habitat ** At Habitat, even back to school does not escape the design attitude. The proof with this trestle in lacquered finish and completed with a clear glass top. A creation by Daniel Rawlings for which it is difficult not to melt. **

The traditional decor revisited in the dining room

Habitat ** A marriage of tradition and contemporary refinement, this is what inspires us in this dining room. Copper light, porcelain cake stand and wooden table are brought up to date so that the authentic atmosphere that is dear to us never leaves us. The purple chairs are the final touch to this decor, affirming the modernized character of the room. **

Invitation to relax

Habitat ** The new Habitat collection is also dedicated to well-being, because going back to work goes hand in hand with a soft space at home where you can doze off and read a book. It seems that this midnight blue velvet armchair with enveloping forms is the perfect example. **

Refinement at the table

Habitat ** Wine glass dressed in black, carafe of water cut in the same way: everything to enhance tableware at the start of the school year. **


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