A weekend in Aveyron in Millau and its surroundings

A weekend in Aveyron in Millau and its surroundings

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Here is another destination that promises natural, cultural, heritage and gastronomic discoveries, and which will certainly seduce all those who will be tempted by this invitation ... If you do not yet know this region, here is a mini-guide for whet your appetite!

Millau Viaduct

Departmental committee of tourism of Aveyron You saw it in the distance from the window of your hotel room, but this stay will be the opportunity for you to discover more closely the famous Millau viaduct which exceeds the Eiffel Tower in culminating at 343 meters. You can contemplate the elegant and slender architecture of the viaduct through the belvedere, or choose to go below by canoe…

The Gorges du Tarn

Benh Lieu Song Millau is also the gateway to the Tarn gorges. Century after century, the waters have dug the limestone, developing over time magnificent landscapes, rocky chaos, circuses and canyons, which you can discover as you see fit. Canoeing, kayaking, climbing, cycling, hiking, the Tarn gorges are ideal for all these activities and let you discover with wonder. On your way, you can also satisfy your curiosity for local heritage ...

Culture and heritage along the Tarn gorges

Tourist office gorges du Tarn - Grands Causses - Lozère… Local heritage that you will discover thanks to many medieval sites, such as the incredible Peyrelade castle, clinging to the rock and overlooking the valley.

The Larzac Templar and hospitable

Departmental tourism committee of Aveyron In terms of culture and heritage, you will not be able to miss the medieval sites of the Larzac Templar and hospital. You can immerse yourself in the 12th century at the heart of the Order of the Temple on the Larzac plateau and discover the different commanderies, which the Hospitallers inherited when the Order of the Templars was suppressed. For this, you can follow the 85 kilometers of circuits of the Larzac Templar and hospital ... or only visit certain sites such as La couvertureoirade for example (photo above).

The cellars of Roquefort

Departmental tourism committee of Aveyron We don't visit a city - a department, a region! - without discovering and savoring local products ... You will inevitably find a cellar of Roquefort (if not those of Roquefort Société!) to visit where you can also enjoy yourself during a tasting. And who says cheese tasting also says wine tasting ... So you will have to discover the wines of Côtes de Millau!

Tradition brought up to date ...

Restaurant Capion Finally, to finish enjoying the local gastronomy, you will choose a restaurant that will delight your taste buds with traditional cuisine, however brought up to date with finesse and creativity. For this, two addresses: the restaurant La mangeoire and the restaurant Capion (photo above), both located in Millau itself.