Teenage bedroom: 5 atmospheres dedicated to young girls

Teenage bedroom: 5 atmospheres dedicated to young girls

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Zoom on the room of the young ladies in search of femininity with the 5 following decorations to be inspired.

Attic bedroom young girl black currant eggplant

Mobalpa ### Fruity decor ** Here, it is the blackcurrant color that sets the tone. A section of wall was sufficient for this purpose, the aim being to preserve a maximum of brightness while personalizing the space. **

So girly bed linen

Carré Blanc ** And if we put on the bed to subtly complete the decor of teenager in the bedroom? This cover with the patterns of young women drawn with style precisely illustrates the emerging taste of adolescent girls for fashion. They will replace, to their delight, the designs of Disney princesses specific to childhood. **

Sweet atmosphere

La Maison de Valérie ** Violet and white blend in a play of delicacy and sweetness. Notice to teens who want to make their room a harmonious cocoon where they can feel at peace. **

Simplicity in the spotlight

Ikéa ** A cocooning and soft atmosphere for this teenage bedroom where it is good to curl up. Animal-like carpet, cover, ornament and plaid in warm colors and soft materials, from the paneling to the walls: here, we play the card of simplicity. In a reassuring and warm atmosphere, the young ladies have something to dream about quietly. **


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