Trend: family house style

Trend: family house style

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The family house style never ceases to seduce! With its warm and authentic atmosphere, it is reassuring because it invariably evokes large families and even holidays. Zoom on this style which skilfully mixes a country spirit with the classic chic style.

Furniture of beautiful sizes

Purpose To meet the large volumes of family homes of yesteryear, this style has become used to betting on furniture with massive dimensions. He brings the buffet, the dresser and other large wooden furniture up to date.

Comfortable furniture

Maisons du monde To welcome everyone and especially in a comfortable way, we also put on furniture like the sofa that play with the softness while enveloping the users.

Character furniture

Maisons du monde The family home style would not really be what it is without a family piece of furniture! So we don't hesitate to install an old clock or a weathered chair that already seems to have a story.

A family kitchen

Purpose In the kitchen, there is space for all members of the family to participate. In terms of decoration, natural wood worktops are mixed with white wooden furniture with exposed slats and glass cupboards.

A fairly rustic spirit

Goal For a successful family home decoration, we do not hesitate to draw in the country style with fairly rustic furniture because of their solid wood materials and their dimensions which offer a beautiful presence.

A classic note

From the end of the world With a rustic atmosphere, you will associate classic notes that will bring a chic atmosphere to your interior. The Haussmann style can for example correspond to the family atmosphere.

An old atmosphere

Fly If you are lucky enough to have old floor tiles and a stone fireplace, you will not have much to add. Otherwise, do not hesitate to use tiles that imitate the old models and to offer you a fireplace, even a small one.

A lounge around the fireplace

Maisons du monde For the friendly spirit, if you have a fireplace, your living room should turn on it. We can already imagine the long evenings by the fireside where we tell anecdotes and family memories.

A relaxation area

Maisons du monde In family homes, you take your time! So to enjoy a moment of relaxation, you install a large armchair near a library to isolate yourself and take time for yourself.