A garden shed to face winter

A garden shed to face winter

When winter approaches, the garden is quickly deserted! So to protect tools, furniture or even enjoy a few hours in the garden, we opt for a garden shed. Demonstration.

A garden shed

Finnforest ### What if the garden shed becomes an extension of the house? You can choose a model with large openings to create a small indoor living room in your garden. This will allow you to enjoy the outdoors when it is a little cool.

A tool shack

Finnforest ### One of the most common functions of the garden shed is that of a tool shack. In fact, you can not only store the tools there but also create a small workshop by installing a workbench!

A hut for gardening

Finnforest ### The garden shed is also ideal for storing your garden tools and accessories. You can install your extra pots, wheelbarrows, shovels, potting soil and all your seeds. It is the essential space for all experienced gardeners.

A bike cabin

Finnforest ### Finally, you can also use your garden shed as an extension of your garage! You can store your bikes or scooters there to protect them from bad weather.