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The multiple decorative effects of furniture paint

The multiple decorative effects of furniture paint

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Changing furniture without buying new ones is possible. You just need to be armed with furniture paint, a brush or a roller. A simple and inexpensive way to give a second life to the house which requires upstream, the choice of the right finish. An overview of the most pampered.

Glaze effect

Ikéa Clear and transparent varnish, the glaze effect is applied to a first paint to give it more radiance and freshness. Perfection in a bathroom or in a bedroom!

Patina effect

Maisons du Monde To reveal the charm of yesteryear on our modern furniture that has aged, we adopt the effect! Special paint and a sponge in hand, and presto, we go back in time.

Lacquered effect

Tollens This effect is chosen for a particularly shiny piece of furniture like mirrors. So glossy!

Metallic effect

Julien Who says metal illusion says very improper play of matter and reflection. Who is for?

Concrete effect

Libéron Specially designed for an urban and contemporary decor, the waxed concrete look paint converts a basic piece of furniture into an exceptional industrial piece.

White lead effect

Maisons du Monde In order to enhance the natural grain of a wooden piece of furniture, we have the limed effect! Demonstration with this old-fashioned library.

Pearl effect

Pébéo The chic and refined option is the pearly effect! With it, the furniture is dressed in a brilliant veil of the most beautiful effect.

Magnetic effect

Leroy Merlin Additional option in the "school-style tables furniture" trend. Here, the slate effect painted on the kitchen cupboard is split with a magnetic effect so that we can stick magnets, postcards, notepads and others! Too much fun.