Geometric rugs for the start of the school year

Geometric rugs for the start of the school year

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Want to invest in a carpet to energize the interior? Think of carpets with geometric shapes! Examples in pictures.

Black on white

Pierre Frey ### Total retro look in the living room! Curves and black ovals intermingle on a white background. Something to contrast with the pop orange color of the sofa and the sky blue of the armchairs. A very seventies contrast…

Geometric patterns in the teenagers' bedroom

Goal ### If teens are not all fans of geometry, however, they love it in the decor. For the graphic trend to gain more room, we cover the floor with a carpet highlighting curves and curves. And for a completely successful visual effect, we choose it in the same tones as the bedroom!

Contemporary effect

BoConcept ### Here is a carpet that will appeal to lovers of modern decor. Color code black and white, large mix of rectilinear, curved and round patterns: the graphic rendering boosts the room with originality and elegance. To adopt !

An oval, offbeat rug

Pierre Frey ### If you are keen to create a personalized space, dare an original decorative touch! Uncommon, the oval carpet has its effect in the decor. And to further push this energizing aspect, we choose it adorned with geometric patterns.