Discover 10 new robots to clean the pool

Discover 10 new robots to clean the pool

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Exit the traditional landing net or the little sweep in your pool. Get down to business and opt for a pool robot right away. Autonomous, pressure, hydraulic suction, manual or automatic they allow an optimal and total cleaning of the bottom and the walls of the pond of your garden. Focus on ten pool robots that are as practical as they are innovative.


Zuccheti Switch to cordless and hose-free mode with the Marlin Super Power cleaner, developed by the creators of the Zuchetti robot mowers. This autonomous pool robot 365 days a year does not require power cords, works without a filter, recharges under water by induction independently and can be easily programmed from its application already installed on the tablet supplied with the robot. Bonus, it recharges autonomously in water by induction whenever it deems it necessary. A real concentrate of innovations! 3699 euros


Maytronics Want to enjoy your pool this summer? The Dolphin Galaxy electric robot is made for you! Its more? It facilitates the cleaning of the basin while saving water and energy. In addition, its ecological cleaning process requires fewer chemicals than traditional robots. A green solution to adopt without any hesitation! 649 euros


Maytronics Discover Dolphin diagnostic 2001, the Maytronics electric cleaning robot designed to make it easier for you to clean your pool while saving water and energy. Thanks to a triple brushing system, it allows the elimination of algae and other impurities. Results, chlorine and the rate of bacteria development in the basin are reduced. 683.09 euros

Made in France

Kwadoo Looking for a robot designed and assembled in France? Opt for the Kwadoo, made near Toulouse. Its high-performance motor and Quadri Jets technology offer excellent cleaning efficiency thanks to its sophisticated movement programs that adapt to the size of the pool. 580 euros

Small budgets

Zodiac Looking for a pool robot at low prices, look no further and opt for the latest Zodiac, the Baracuda MX6. With the best suction power among the robots it differs from other models thanks to its cyclonic system and its unique programmed navigation which allow it to clean all types of swimming pool: bottom, walls and water line of the swimming pool. fast and efficient. 399 euros

For all coatings

Aquabot This is a perfect pool robot for cleaning the pool up to 80 m². Very easy to use and particularly effective, it is equipped with PVA foams which allow it to adapt to all coatings. Thanks to its Aqua Smart System technology, it also has the specificity of changing direction itself to offer faster cleaning and better durability of the robot. 749 euros

Two cleaning cycles

Zodiac The Indigo electric swimming pool robot from Zodiac is the practical accessory that allows you to thoroughly clean the bottom of swimming pools. Thanks to its two cleaning programs, you can use the mode suited to your needs as you wish. Those in a hurry who want quick and efficient cleaning will prefer the Turbo mode, which takes place on a 1.5 hour cycle. The meticulous people concerned with the perfection of cleaning will use the Perfect mode which allows a total and deep cleaning of the basin. Its more? It has a safety bumper supported by an electronic engine protection system. 718 euros

The modernized version of the famous Tigershark

Hayward We already liked it a lot in its original version, we like it just as much, if not more in this new version. Equipped with a low voltage electric motor and an electronic card, the AquaVac 300 has the advantage of self-programming, thus memorizing the shape and size of the pool to take the fastest and most suitable path. A cleaning program that it keeps in memory for future uses. 739 euros

With remote control

Smartpool SmartPool's Direct Command will seduce you with its optimal efficiency and its elegant design. Autonomous, it has the specificity of being accompanied by a remote control allowing you to take control over the robot so as to control it towards a specific area to be cleaned. Very light, it has also been specially designed to facilitate its ascent out of the basin. It would be a shame to do without it! 800 euros