My table celebrates July 14

My table celebrates July 14

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Blue, white and red! The colors of the French flag are honored to celebrate National Day. Crockery, household linen, accessories, we give you some ideas so that your table celebrates July 14 as it should.

Small dishes in large

Cre8tive Designs Inc. With the plates we also evoke this republican symbol. Precisely, the famous national badge is reproduced again while respecting the color code - blue, white, red - red outwards.

A flag as a tablecloth

Zoé Confetti Another symbol, but not the least. Used as table linen, the French flag itself can perfectly dress up your party decor.

A red white blue table runner

Just Call Me Martha Traditional stripes or not, we love this Parisian atmosphere at Leoni Jena's table. With these few flowers, always in the same colors, this decoration pays a beautiful tribute to France.

Well surrounded cutlery

Just Call Me Martha In detail, we notice on this table the nice work with the cutlery. Small ribbons decorated with a homemade woolen rose surround the wooden set. Enjoy your meal !

Crowd of accessories

Birds Party Easy to find party items with the image of the country. On this table, we mix pennants, small flags and round printables… Long live France!

No need to do too much

Between Naps on the Porch Here, it is the imposing centerpiece that we notice first. Large lanterns, which immediately set the tone. To complete the look, red plates, blue stemware and napkins are all fittings. Nothing more !

Big pompoms

The Fabricamania For a spirit of the most beautiful effect, we keep an immaculate table - tablecloth, bell or tray on foot. Only the accessories bear the blue white red mark, which highlights the 3 large pompoms all the more, and the rest.

Very patriotic cakes

Fabricamania And if even the food starts! With their box, their label and their frosting, these July 14 cupcakes fit perfectly into the theme. We take note.

Balloons everywhere

Catch My Party Finally, around the table, don't skimp on party accessories! And, in the absence of balloons, we also use lanterns, symbols of July 14. Also, we notice the checkered tablecloth in gingham style, a very small Parisian bistro.


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