Wall decor plays on words

Wall decor plays on words

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Your walls have their say, and that's good for creating a unique and trendy decor in your interior. From the distressed wooden plank to the black on white written text, messages are available in all styles of decoration. Spotlight on this trend that has not said its last word!

List of destinations

Maisons du Monde New-York, Berlin, London… the list of your favorite destinations is displayed proudly in the bedroom with this metal wall decoration. All you have to do is take your tickets!

Tourist spots

Maisons du Monde Do you want to take a trip to Paris while staying at home? Adopt without further ado this poster which lists Parisian monuments and tourist districts not to be missed!

Industrial style

La Redoute The industrial style loves message posters, but not just any! We prefer models in painted wood with an aged look, advertising inscriptions or benevolent quotes.

In a Scandinavian atmosphere

Bloomingville Do not be afraid to dare the words in your Scandinavian style decor. To avoid the false note, prefer fine writing and pastel colors like this cloud blue hexagon which completes the decor.

A cottage look message

Ikéa After the industrial style and the Scandinavian atmosphere, let's move on to the cottage and authentic look. He too deserves his sweet words on the wall, which you frame nicely and place over the sofa.

Welcome to the room

Maisons du Monde Do you like warm and welcoming spaces and would you like to let people know? Place this "Welcome to our Home" wall sign in the bedroom, living room or even directly in the hall.

Ideal in the teenage bedroom

Maisons du Monde There is no question of missing out on the trend in your teens' bedroom. Your young daughter will be happiest when these bright pink message signs are hung on the wall.

In trendy settings

Bloomingville Posting words on the wall is good, but staging them is even better! For this, favor trendy frames like these models with large black edges or those in the shape of a house. The result is splendid!

For a musical decoration

Maisons du Monde Has your teenager chosen a musical style for their bedroom decor? So much the better! This atmosphere lends itself particularly well to the game of message posters as evidenced by the wall decoration "On Air" or the poster "Rock Concert Vintage Music".


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