What lighting for the central island of my kitchen?

What lighting for the central island of my kitchen?

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In the kitchen, the appearance of the central island has considerably changed the lighting needs. If before, a simple ceiling lamp was enough, today we need as many light sources as there are work areas. Here are some ideas to match your lighting to the layout and style of your kitchen.

Concealed lighting in the hood

Lapeyre If your hob is on the central island of the kitchen, do not hesitate to choose a monumental hood which will structure the space and in which you will be able to install spotlights which will highlight the island. At Lapeyre, only the designer hood is visible to avoid the accumulation of suspensions.

Designer lighting

Schmidt To light a central island when you don't have a hood in this place, you can opt for original pendant lights that will create the decor in the kitchen. In the Artwood kitchen, Schmidt has mixed the neo-rustic style of the kitchen with very designer pendant lights for a bold style.

Contemporary lighting

Arthur Bonnet If you choose to light your central island with suspensions, know that it will be necessary to multiply them along the work plan to provide sufficient lighting but also to balance the composition. Two lights are generally recommended but you can choose a single pendant by opting for a monumental model.

Rustic-chic lighting

Arthur Bonnet You can also opt for a rack under which the island will extend to form a block. In this wooden frame, you will find not only spots for lighting but also the extractor hood and hooks for hanging your utensils.

Imposing but light lighting for my central island

Schmidt kitchens For a very Japanese decor, we opted here for a red paper ball. The same color as the walls and the furniture, it blends into the decor. What is particularly significant here is the roundness of the suspension which breaks the straight side of the kitchen.

Lighting in discretion

Cuisinella The colors of this kitchen are so soft that you only notice the details at second glance. The lights that overlook the central island are not flashy and that's good. We like the game of transparency which does not break the soft side of the colors of the furniture!

One centimeter ready lighting.

Perene We admire the attention to detail in this great chef's cuisine. Because who says chef, says functional, everything is there to facilitate the organization of the cook. The luminaire extends over the length of the central island, and also serves as a hood. Very clever!

Staging of natural lighting

Schmidt kitchens In this sublime kitchen mixing design and rustic, the main lighting is natural light. White furniture requires less lighting because it is itself bright, so what are you waiting for?

Pure light for cooking

Darty Natural lighting occupies a primordial place in this white kitchen. We still add a light above the worktop, which blends into the decor. A tone on tone of white, it couldn't be brighter!

The island, in the center of attention

Ikea In this kitchen where gray predominates and where natural light is weak, it is the multiple suspensions installed above the island that illuminate the room.

The detail that makes the difference in my kitchen

Ixina Here, everything is straight and refined. Very well designed, this kitchen has the space necessary to move around the central island. The room is bright but we still decided to add a light above, all in curves, to recall the shape of the poufs.

Nordic atmosphere right up to my central island

Schmidt kitchens The appearance of freshly sawn wooden planks extends into the dining-living area with a perfectly matched table and benches. And to break the too minimalist side we added a white sculptural suspension. This brings more light to the day and acts as a sculpture.

Eat on your kitchen island

Ikea Using your kitchen island as a table can be appreciated, but there must be enough light. White paint, this is not new, brings light and clarity. It is therefore the bias here, even on the central island.

Lighting blends into the background

Ikea The hood is not above the island, so we allow ourselves to bring in an imposing light. Matching the theatrical decor of this kitchen, we put on the light workshop style, and voila!


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