Terraces under the influence of color

Terraces under the influence of color

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Is the sun in full swing near you? Take the opportunity to put a little cheerfulness on your terrace by betting on the color. Fuchsia pink, orange, lime green, turquoise blue ... combine to bring good humor to your decor.

A wooden garden furniture

Jardiland Wood can be a color in itself since there are more or less clear which bring more heat (or not) to the space. Depending on your tastes and your green space, it's up to you to find the garden furniture that suits you best.

Colorful Chilean

La Redoute Forget the white plastic lounge chairs and add color to your terrace! These Chileans come in many colors. We fall for the small foldable side table to put your book or sunglasses on.

Beautiful and comfortable armchairs

Maisons du monde Do you want a seat that is both original and comfortable? You can rush into this model from Maisons du monde with your eyes closed! Choose several different colors to place them on a patio or directly in your garden.

A two-tone dining table

Tribù If you are used to inviting your friends to lunch at your place or having barbecues in summer, you must be well equipped. To create a soothing atmosphere in the garden, this set of table and chairs is colored gray with a wooden covering.

Give pep's to his garden

Siediarreda With a few pieces of furniture, you can easily add color to the garden. For example, a simple side table and two turquoise blue metal chairs will wake up the space, especially when the sun is out.

A garden sofa that throws!

AM.PM. Don't be afraid of the colors on the terrace. In an ethnic and warm style, opt for a patterned rug, a golden yellow sofa and graphic cushions. It will be the ideal setting to chat under the stars or have a drink with friends.

Splashes of color

Carrefour If you don't want your outdoor space to be too colorful, add small touches of color sparingly. You can choose an immaculate table but colorful chairs or vice versa or even create a gradient of colors.

Install floor cushions

Delamaison It is one of the practical accessories so that young and old can sit in the garden. The floor cushion is intended to be increasingly large and comfortable. It's up to you to choose models in different shades to create a nice patchwork on your lawn.

Furniture in pastel colors

Oasiq When we talk about colors, we don't always think about their intensity. In the garden, no need to have garish colors. The Oasiq brand had the good idea to release a collection of garden furniture in the Pantone 2016 colors. On the program, irresistible pastel pink and blue!

Choose a neutral coating

Castorama If, on the contrary, you like fluorescent colors, prefer a wall covering and a rather neutral floor. Gray tiles or concrete will be more harmonious with very colorful armchairs. Otherwise, beware of bad taste and visual overload!

A well sheltered terrace

Maisons du monde It is not because your patio is colorful that it should not be protected from UV rays. To prevent your garden furniture from getting damaged in the sun and to avoid getting sunburned, a fairly high awning can enhance your furniture while having lunch in the shade.

Comfortable bean bag chairs

Ikea Here is a good alternative to traditional garden chairs. Opt for these red or black pear armchairs in which you can curl up on your terrace. For a more relaxing atmosphere, add cushions, lanterns or a light garland.

Passion red seats

Siediarreda If you like red, know that it is one of the colors that will stand out the most on a terrace since it will shine in the sun. With a large green space, this color allows to create a strong visual contrast but also to bring a little retro touch that reminds us of Italy.

Install pop lounge chairs

Alinéa Exit the wooden or plastic lounge chairs, the trend is pop colors! These models will add pep to your terrace and your pool. It remains only to find bath towels in the same colors and you are ready to spend a lazy summer!

Sea air blows on the terrace!

Ikea For lovers of the seaside style, you can give false airs to your terrace by opting for striped furniture like these Ikea Chileans. Combine them with bath sheets and cushions in the same style for more harmony.

Diversify the foundations

Leroy Merlin To prevent your patio from being too colorful, prefer to mix different seating models rather than adding the same chairs in different colors. For example, place colorful floor cushions and an ottoman. You'll get tired of it less.

One piece of furniture, several colors

Bathroom Grafitti These multicolored armchairs are perfect for the undecided! No need to choose which color will match best on your terrace, these seats - and the matching side table - set the tone for your terrace.

Colors in small touches

AM.PM If you don't like overly colorful exteriors, prefer a more refined decor with pastel shades and discreet color tips. For example, install cushions on a flat garden sofa or a single colored armchair.

Choose two-tone beanbags

Bricorama Here is a clever compromise if you do not want to have too conspicuous furniture on your terrace. These XXL outdoor poufs are black and colorful on the part where you sit. The little extra? They are easy to move and clean.

A vitamin exterior!

Castorama To bring warmth and pep to your outdoor space, one of the colors to favor is obviously orange or red-orange. Accessorize it with white and yellow chairs but also with a few green plants and you will have a veritable oasis on the terrace.

Adopt a tangy mattress

Maisons du monde Putting color on the terrace is good, but when it is final, you can quickly get tired of it. To overcome this, you can choose raw and neutral furniture, such as these wooden lounge chairs, and then accessorize them with a mattress, a cushion or a colored plaid.

Buy a whole range of the same color

Ikea When shopping for garden furniture, do not hesitate to fall for several models from the same range, otherwise you will regret it! Indeed, when the collection is no longer available in stores, it will be difficult to find exactly the same shade to add furniture.

A black garden table

Delamaison Without speaking about the debate on colors, black is a color which can also give a certain charm to a terrace. The latter will be elegant and chic with a dining table and dark rattan chairs. In addition, the whole will also be much less messy.

White furniture on the balcony

Castorama To bring serenity to your outdoor space, nothing like immaculate garden furniture. You can also set up a white swing or rocking chairs to read or take a nap.

Fall for blue furniture

Twenga By the sea or for traveling, this set of blue outdoor furniture is absolutely irresistible. Highlight it with a seaside style decor, driftwood objects and white chair cushions.

Colors that are not opaque

Hesperide The opaque colors are pretty, but in the garden it can stand out less well. To have a brighter garden furniture, the sunlight must pass through colored fabrics or the back of your chairs, especially on an open terrace.

Striped patterns

La Foir 'Fouille Discreet and nicely degraded, the stripes on these garden furniture bring a touch of originality without giving a variegated look. Prefer horizontal stripes that blend more with the decor.

Dare the neon yellow armchair

Ikea We couldn't be more colorful! This summer, play the card of sunny shades with this fluorescent yellow Ikea armchair. What energize your outdoor space in the blink of an eye. If you don't like this shade, rest assured, the model is available in different colors.

Overlay multiple colors

Maisons du monde To create a warm universe on the terrace, take inspiration from your decor. The color of your flooring and walls can contrast with that of your outdoor furniture, cache pots or even your linens. Be creative!