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10 ways to light up the wardrobe

10 ways to light up the wardrobe

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A dressing room is often installed in the small room which we did not really know what to do, without window or lighting. But how do you choose what to wear if you can't see it? Here are 10 tips and objects that will allow you to see more clearly!

Create a skylight

Centimeter This is a very nice way to bring light to your wardrobe. On the ceiling, create a real light source by placing these light fixtures in the shape of large tiles on the ceiling. Source: Centimeter

Removable spots

IKEA Avoid the constraint of bringing in an electrician who will mess up the entire electrical circuit of the house and leave you with a salty note. Opt instead for these small spots that run on battery.

The showcase option

IKEA When it comes to fitting a walk-in closet, there are many options and your choices are not limited to open and closed wardrobes. Let the light enter your closet by storing your clothes behind a display case.

The light rod

Leroy Merlin Light is installed everywhere in your closet with, for example, this ingenious light rod.

LED strips

Mobalpa LED strips are also a good solution. At Mobalpa, they are fixed above the shelves to see more clearly.

The light bars

IKEA They also exist in colorful versions for a little more fun.

Pretty chrome spots

IKEA Designed specifically to be fixed above wardrobes, these spots will brighten up your wardrobe in style.

Recessed lights

Mobalpa For optimal lighting, opt for multi-directional spotlights recessed in the ceiling.

Play transparency

Plac-Arts If you arrange your dressing room in a corner of the bedroom that does not have a window, opt for slightly transparent walls that will let in light. Source: Plac-Arts


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