Bathroom: A practical double sink in my bathroom

Bathroom: A practical double sink in my bathroom

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In vogue for a few years, the double sinks have replaced the classic washbasin and become our new design allies. Square, round, oval or rectangular ... Classic, contemporary or natural ... Enough to adapt the style of your washbasins to all your decor ideas.


Lapeyre The graphic lines of the Lapeyre white washbasins integrated into the aubergine cabinet bring freshness and dynamism to the bathroom. What start the day off right.

Wood and natural stone

Scandilodge Central element of the room, the furniture is the essential element of our bathrooms. At Scandilodge the wooden worktop supports the double stone basin in a clever and functional way for a 100% natural style.

Contemporary and elegant

Axor Citterio For a chic and timeless bathroom, we put on the square basins designed by the Italian designer Antonio Citterio. The counter top washbasins combine a sleek style with simple and natural forms for a demanding and incomparable design. A real haven of peace !

Hyper modern

Hansgrohe For a trendy decoration in our bathrooms we put on these sublime white basins signed Hansgrohe. The smooth shapes of the basins, simple and organic, without angles or edges will bring serenity and sensuality to your space.

Large bathroom

Burgbad You are lucky to have a large bathroom! Bet without further delay on this set of work surfaces and basins in a very mineral style. Let yourself be seduced by the enveloping shapes of the double sinks and the powdery colors of the furniture.

Country atmosphere

Collins Arredo Rural getaway for this bathroom composed of two square basins designed in tree wood labeled TFT. An authentic and modern bathroom where the natural alteration of the wood becomes the desired charm.

Simplicity and purity

Hemisphère nord Favorite for this sublime bathroom inspired by the Scandinavian style. We like the pure forms of the basins and the solid blond oak furniture combining robustness and delicacy.


Scandilodge Nowadays a space of relaxation where we like spending time and where the notion of well-being and cleanliness are essential, we put for our bathroom on Scandilodge basins, specialist in natural, Zen and tonics. Designed in natural stone, Stone washbasins will add cachet to your bathroom, in addition to its natural side and its particular color.

Rubik's Cube

Delpha Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's Play d'eau bathroom revisits the famous colorful Rubik's cube puzzle in a playful and offbeat way. We love the black basins which blend harmoniously with the profusion of colors and geometric shapes.


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