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Narrow furniture for mini bathroom

Narrow furniture for mini bathroom

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The cramped bathrooms dream of narrow furniture that is easy to slip into every corner. Here is their wish, fulfilled by many brands that offer narrow and functional washbasins or cupboards. Space saving operation and optimization with our special bathroom selection.

Everything on a wall

Castorama If you do not have the space to install storage here and there in your bathroom, choose a single wall to fix the vanity unit and a wall cupboard. Optimal space saving!

One piece of furniture and one

Leroy Merlin To optimize your bathroom as well as possible, you can also decide to bet on only one storage unit. For this, choose a shallow but wide vanity unit to store the maximum amount of business.

A small bathtub

Ikea The shower is not for you, but you have a very small bathroom? This is no longer a problem with this mini bathtub that slides into a corner and in which you can bask throughout the year.

Extra flat

Leroy Merlin We love this extra-flat vanity unit which in no way obstructs the passage into a long bathroom. Another tip to note: raise the shower, so you can even install toilets!

Small templates

Castorama Clear and white lacquered wood, small bathrooms are entitled to contemporary and trendy furniture. In addition to a central drawer, this vanity unit has a small alcove into which a few additional beauty products slip. Functional, right?

All in height

Leroy Merlin If your bathroom is very narrow, choose tall furniture rather than wide furniture. Thus, the passage is clear and storage remains practical.

A corner unit

Ikea To optimize the bathroom to the maximum, we combine a narrow vanity unit that frees up space and an ultra-functional corner unit. Here is a small, well-organized bathroom!

In a corner of the studio

Leroy Merlin You live in a studio, but the bathroom on the landing doesn't make you dream? Here is a solution to fix it. A corner of the apartment turns into a mini bathroom thanks to a very handy small vanity unit.

Bathroom AND laundry room

Ikéa And if you're smart, you can even create a laundry space in your mini bathroom. The large storage units make your daily life easier alongside a small sink and a functional shower.


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