The South invites itself to the table

The South invites itself to the table

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In the South of France, tableware takes on its full meaning! The table takes on a sunny look for convivial meals to be shared. Discover five tables with southern accents to bring a little warmth to your decor, wherever you are!

Colorful table linen

Robin du Lac ### To make the table a convivial space, bet on bright colors such as red, orange, pink, green… Don't hesitate to choose stripes that use all these colors for a real festival in a good mood.

Presentation dishes for conviviality

Jean Vier ### To make your meals more convivial, choose a presentation of the dishes that allows everyone to serve themselves easily. Place the charcuterie on a cutting board and think of the slates to serve aperitif kebabs or fruit.

Warm tones

Jean Vier ### If you are looking to give a very warm spirit to your table, bet on red that will evoke the southern sun. Choose red table linen and opt for simple dishes so that the tablecloth is highlighted.

A flowery atmosphere

Green Garland ### Finally, on a table inspired by the South, don't forget the flowers! For this, remember to choose dishes that are adorned with a few leaves. Opt for a centerpiece made of seasonal flowers.


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