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10 decor ideas on a barge

10 decor ideas on a barge

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Arranging and decorating a barge is not the easiest challenge. However, by thinking well beforehand about your project, it is not so difficult to create several very distinct spaces and to arrange them with taste. Here are 10 decor ideas to inspire you.

… And a relaxation area at the back

After arranging the dining area, you also have to think about the relaxation area. For this, we adopt on the aft deck a multitude of comfortable deckchairs and armchairs to receive all our friends

Don't forget the green plants

It is not because there is no garden that we should forget the touches of greenery on the barge! So we opt for beautiful green plants, highlighted by pretty pots and here is a corner of freshness and nature.

Two couches facing each other

To create a convivial space in the imposing living room, install two large sofas facing each other. So everyone can enjoy the great view of the water.

Think of the central island in the kitchen

Composed of large windows, this barge could not accommodate large work surfaces on its walls. The trick to getting around the problem is therefore to install a large, user-friendly and practical central island for the whole family.

Bet on a glass table

To lighten up the decor on the barge as much as possible, we have fun with glass furniture. Completely transparent, this dining table seems to float in the air.

Be minimalist in the bedroom

In the bedroom, there is no question of overloading the decor at the risk of suffocation. Only two small portholes let in light, so we favor light colors on the wall as for household linen.

Playing with portholes in the bathroom

Portholes can be real decorative elements provided you know how to enhance them. In the bathroom, you can for example hang your towels on their little hooks and thus draw all the attention to them.

Daring a wall of frames in the corridor

Do not be afraid to dare to decorate the wall on your barge. What we like in this all-white corridor is the wall of frames which brings a real plus to the decor.

Create a reading corner

If you have the space, you can also set up a reading corner on your barge. To do this, a few wall shelves and a comfortable armchair will do the trick. More pics


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