Gray and white for a chic table decor

Gray and white for a chic table decor

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Succeeding in decorating your table for a dinner with friends or lovers, to celebrate a party or a birthday is not always easy. Do you dream of a perfect table decoration so that all your events remain unforgettable? Discover without further delay the selection you have concocted. Crockery, table runner or tablecloth in gray and white tones, romantic, country style or Scandinavian atmosphere, all you have to do is make your choice.

Graphic and minimalist

Blanc Cerise Simplicity is often the key to a chic and modern table decoration. Gray placemats, sober crockery in a classic and minimalist style are enough to give the whole a very trendy current decoration. WE love !


Fly Taste the pleasure of an evening in the countryside by betting on the chic country style. Vichy checkered plates and raw wood table will bring a rustic and authentic touch to your table decoration.


Sander Favorite for this romantic inspired shabby chic table decoration. We like the combination of tablecloths and table runners in powdery colors and the curvy and voluptuous lines of the dishes.


Maisons du Monde On your table, peas will be at the party to bring balance and harmony to your decoration. Ultra-graphic and timeless, they will bring sobriety and freshness and will energize your party or everyday tables with a few touches.


Original wedding Trendy accessory for weddings and christenings, this chevron table runner offers an interesting graphic effect and will give your table decoration a very dynamic style.

Nature spirit

Zoe Confetti Bring nature into your table decoration. Soothing colors, linen and natural materials which combine bamboo boxes and cinnamon sticks for a fresh table decoration.

Scandinavian inspiration

Rue de la Déco To instill a Nordic atmosphere at your table, opt for white, the favorite color of the Scandinavian style that you will associate with simple and refined tableware and decorative accessories. Softness and cocooning spirit guaranteed!


Geneviève Lethu For a table decoration marked with sweetness and a touch of poetry, we put on delicate shades and a refined decoration. The enveloping shapes of the dishes will bring a touch of appreciable femininity.


Guy Degrenne Looking for original and attractive tableware to enhance your table decoration? Let yourself be seduced by the chic and refined style of its nice plates. Their semicircular cut in inclined plane revisits the traditional codes of tableware and will offer you a multitude of dressing possibilities, thanks to their very particular shape.


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