Metro tiles stop in the bathroom

Metro tiles stop in the bathroom

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From the basements of Paris to our interiors, the metro tiles and its pretty bevelled angles never cease to seduce us! Available in an infinite palette of colors, it offers a multitude of decorative choices on the walls of the bathroom. Whether placed in a straight line or staggered, surrounded by a white or gray joint, in a uniform color or in monochrome, there remains a major advantage for dressing the walls in an elegant and timeless way. offers you 10 sources of inspiration for a bathroom adorned with the famous metro tiles, from the most discreet to the most rock n 'roll!

Ocean blue

Topps Tiles The metro tiles revisit the retro style thanks to its beautiful ocean blue color, which modernizes this old-fashioned bathroom. We especially like the regressive side of this primary and pure blue!

Mix & match The metro earthenware goes particularly well with black & white atmospheres. We therefore associate it without hesitation with a very graphic floor tile for a trendy bathroom with no lack of taste.

Pastel sweetness

Fired Earth Available in a pretty almond green hue, metro tiles can also be made very soft! However, be careful not to darken the room with wooden furniture or dark floor tiles if you choose this wall color.

Dare to use bold colors!

Comptoir Toulousain du Carrelage For a graphic and modern bathroom, you can easily combine two solid tones (here white and red), simply separated by a frieze of black metro tiles. Guaranteed design rendering!

A vintage touch

Ikea The metro tiles undoubtedly bring a vintage touch to the bathroom. It's up to you to combine it with the appropriate furniture to create a chic flea market or retro laboratory atmosphere!


Ribesalbes Ribesalbes offers us a daring bias to say the least: black and gold metro tiles. The sparkling friezes, associated with ultra-designer furniture form a rock and unusual space!

Shades of warm tones

Ribesalbes We like this pretty variation of beige and burgundy tones, which warms the atmosphere of the bathroom while dressing the walls in a graphic and refined line.

Bohemian patchwork

Pasta Blanco Recreate a warm and colorful bathroom with this subway tile like old cement tiles in 1900. Choose simple furniture and raw materials for the rest of the room, to counterbalance the vibrant colors of the wall patterns.

The metro revisited

Porcelanosa Brands compete in imagination to offer us today a wide choice of metro tiles with contemporary lines, like this Porcelanosa wall covering. Whether mineral, matt, colored or patterned, metro tiles never cease to seduce us with its diversity!


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