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Plant pots for the garden and balcony

Plant pots for the garden and balcony

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1. Pyramid planters


With a few processed pallets and a series of pretty plant pots matching or a mix and match welcoming various plants, we create a design stack in the garden. What rhythms landscaping by combining recycling and creativity, inexpensively but with maximum effect!

2. Plant pots in fairy gardens


Here's one original idea for using plant pots. An idea that children love, especially! We combine two or three to create fairy gardens, real miniature decorations welcoming succulents and other mini plants, huts or pebbles, figurines and colorful marbles. The extra thing? Bridges and stairs connecting the planters to each other ... for the fairies, of course.

3. Plant pots on the wall


On the wall of the house or balcony, all it takes is a good strapping firmly fixed in the wall to hang a collection of plant pots. And why not fix them on a recycling pallet itself hung on the wall? You can store gardening tools, repot flowers or slip bouquets, as desired!

4. A fountain flowerpot


No need to plant flowers for transform a plant pot, you can also recycle the most beautiful in a fountain with its matching cup. Just buy a system with pump and hose in a garden center or DIY store and then follow the instructions. Once filled, guaranteed bucolic atmosphere!

5. Plant pots on a staircase


To dress a staircase, a mix and match planters always a hit. We mix sizes and colors, we plant flowers and shrubs, and we accumulate them like a collection on the steps of the staircase. Disorganized clutter version or symmetrical rows on each side of the steps, everything works!

6. Plant pots in the trees


More floor space for display plant pots ? We suspend them! A simple roll of string or a system designed to easily hang a plant pot and its plant. This, both on the balcony ceiling and the branches of the trees in the garden, for a romantic atmosphere and a jungle effect even in the city, even without a garden.

7. Plant pots in a dry garden


The advantage of a dry garden is to skip the steps of mowing or pulling weeds, since the ground is covered with pebbles and gravel. This does not preclude placing a beautiful vegetable touch in them. mineral look planters, to maintain simplicity of maintenance without skipping the greenery!

8. Plant pots on a ladder


A vintage planter series, design or simply colorful? When we love, we exhibit, whether it's decorating a terrace, a garden or a balcony. The must-have of garden design is the ladder decorated with long boards transformed into shelves. We put there a collection of eclectic plant pots filled with plants and we admire.

9. Stuffed pots


With some raw or painted plant pots, you can create a real staging on ready-made supports or recycled objects. Structure in wrought iron or old recycled bicycle, wheelbarrow or cart, patinated or also repainted, we invest everything that is available to stage our favorite pots and create a 100% original outdoor decor!

10. Plant pots on the edges of windows


Simple, but still effective. The planters on window sills create a decor as chic as it is easy to maintain, without investing in planters and to combine as desired. The secret ? We do not hesitate to play the accumulation, monochrome version for minimalism or mix and match for a playful result, on the pots and plants side!


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