Storage moves out!

Storage moves out!

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The boundaries between inside and outside are falling. After the living room and the kitchen, it's time for storage to move outside. Cabinets, shelves, chests and bags specially designed to withstand the most capricious weather are exposed with dignity in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. A quick overview to get inspired…

3 in 1: a shelf, a bench and a chest

Ikéa Both a bench and a chest, but also a shelf for hanging, this storage element adapts perfectly to the climatic conditions of the garden. Made of exotic wood, it is not afraid of rain and can be installed against a hedge or a wall.

Zero lost places!

Ikea On a small balcony, install a wooden bench. It will serve you both as a seat and as a storage space so as not to lose inches unnecessarily.

A decorative console

Ikea This garden console allows you to store some very useful plaids when the coolness falls in the evening but also to arrange the tools to garden well. Do not hesitate to place several wicker baskets on the lower tray to store less decorative items.

The bench becomes practical

Ikea In a patio or a covered terrace, count on the charm of the wooden bench to establish a natural spirit and on its storage space to hide the plaids, cushions or blankets.

A shelf to see everything at first glance

Ikea Simple iron shelves, placed against the wall of the terrace, hold pots and essential tools for gardening. At a glance find what you are looking for!

Outdoor but also indoor bench!

Ikea When the breeze came, this chest will find a use in the warm house with your decor.

Bags to store

Ikea Clever paper bags designed for outdoor use hang on a balcony rack or railing to decorate with ornamental plants even to allow the storage of clothespins for hanging clothes, for example.