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Head for the Southern Alps for a snow and mountain weekend in the Mercantour

Head for the Southern Alps for a snow and mountain weekend in the Mercantour

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It's time to prepare future weekends in the snow, future ski and snowshoe outings, future hikes to discover wildlife and wild mountain landscapes ... For winter sports and nature enthusiasts , the Mercantour National Park is a destination to be privileged!

Meeting with the wolves of Mercantour

CRT Riviera Côte d'Azur - Georges Veran Discover the fascinating animal that is the wolf thanks to the Alpha scenopark located not far from your hotel, in the Mercantour massif. Thanks to this park, you will get to know this animal better and its history with man over the centuries. You can also observe it in its environment thanks to the park's team of carers who will lead you to meet it.

At Isola 2000, ski, snow, snowshoe or toboggan!

CRT Riviera Côte d'Azur - Georges Veran Opening of the slopes on December 3 at the Isola 2000 station, an hour from Saint Martin Vésubie. You will be at the top of the Southern Alps at 2000 m altitude and on the edge of the Mercantour National Park. In the midst of a breathtaking landscape, 120 km of ski slopes will be available to you. Prepare your winter sports equipment!

Visit of hilltop villages

CRT Riviera Côte d'Azur - Georges Veran Lovers of stones steeped in history, don't hesitate to take a little cultural break in the middle of this very natural weekend. Discover the ramparts of the Middle Ages, the gates of the 12th century, the ruins of the castle of the village of Roubion, a small village clinging to the side of the cliff, which will also offer you a magnificent view of the mountains which surround it.

Gastronomic and creative cuisine at Les Bacchanales

La You will head straight south to end your short stay in a gourmet restaurant in Vence, not far from the Mediterranean coast. You will taste the creative cuisine of Michelin-starred chef Christophe Dufau, whose flavors will amaze your taste buds. As for the refined and aesthetic decoration of its restaurant "Les Bacchanales", you can just as easily savor it with your eyes!


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