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Bright garden furniture

Bright garden furniture

To put a little light in the garden, we fall in love with bright furniture and lighting of all kinds. Intimate, natural or design, each has its own style for a bright garden.

Space saving

Slide Between glasses, plates and dishes, you no longer have the place to place candles on your table. No problem, it's the table itself that lights up your dinner, saving space guaranteed.

Lively garden

Maison du monde In the evening, we personalize our garden with lanterns of all colors. We then create an intimate but playful atmosphere despite everything, to enjoy the long summer evenings with friends.

Light branch

Presse Citron This false branch of tree is placed against a wall or on the ground and illuminates the garden or terrace in an original way.

Comfort in light

Pool Center We can combine outdoor furniture, comfortable furniture and bright furniture. Proof of this is with this Boon's armchair that also goes in the water.

Time at the table

Coolheure Alavasa Can't stand the idea of ​​not knowing what time it is? Here is the solution, in the night, we project a clock on a wall thanks to this pretty creation which also makes lamp.

Bright gardening

House of the world A pot, some earth and some seeds and voila. You light your pot, after dark, for a bright garden.

Multicolored lanterns

Maison du monde After the lanterns, for an intimate atmosphere, there is no hesitation in hanging garlands and lanterns all over the place.

Luminous ball

Maison du monde To be installed outside or squarely in the swimming pool, you will give your garden or your terrace a personal touch with these colorful and illuminating shapes.

Champagne bucket

Slide For party evenings outdoors, the best solution is the XXL champagne bucket in light version, to keep the party going all night long.