Cork, decorative and ecological flooring!

Cork, decorative and ecological flooring!

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You no doubt know cork in its bottle stopper form or as a reminder… but do you know it as a floor covering? Healthy, ecological, but also decorative, it is developing more and more to dress our interiors from the living room to the bedroom through the kitchen. Non-allergenic, suitable for damp rooms, excellent thermal and sound insulation, it has everything to please. Discover it in all its aspects with our selection of 10 photos.

Large slabs

Saint Maclou Do not hesitate to put a cork floor in the living room, the entrance or the corridor because in addition to being a healthy product, it is also very resistant and will resist very well in places of passage. You can then dare these clip-on tiles with the most stunning marble effect!

With patterns

Nature and Development Cork floors also have pretty baroque patterns to keep them on trend. It almost looks like cement tiles, don't you think?

Concrete effect

Saint Maclou Its advantages are no longer to be demonstrated, but be aware that cork is reinventing itself to take on aspects in which one does not expect it. The proof with this gray concrete effect floor, which we imagine perfectly in a living room with industrial decor.


Meister Cork in its classic form is still relevant today, not just in the kitchen or the cellar. In the living room or bedrooms, it mixes with other materials such as metal or white wood, and sprinkled with a personal dose, the result is surprising.

Raw appearance

Meister In a loft-style room, cork on the ground becomes the ready-made covering. We choose it in its most natural and raw appearance possible and we leave it bare so that it loads the decor.


Haro Exotic ambiance in this living room, which features a magnificent tabby cork floor. Associated with white and refined furniture, it gives the room a resolutely contemporary style.

In parquet

Saint Maclou Since pine is the decorative trend of the season, we choose a cork floor for its living room which takes on the appearance. Freshness and originality await you!

Dark wood look

Saint Maclou If you like warm atmospheres in the living room, it is towards the walnut parquet floor that you should turn ... or else on a cork floor that takes on the features. Just as sophisticated, don't you think?

Light wood look

Saint Maclou Do you prefer light shades? It is also possible with this floor which combines the advantages of cork and the aesthetics of a bleached parquet floor. Lovers of the refined style, it is made for you.


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