My house is a cocoon!

My house is a cocoon!

To face autumn and winter gently, we put on an interior that becomes a real cocoon! On the program: soft and fluffy materials, warm atmospheres and soft colors for a house that you will never want to leave.

Arrange your living room

Dulux Valentine ### For a cocoon print, you can place the living room in an alcove or a small room. Remember to delimit the space by using sofas facing a convivial coffee table. For the ambiance, opt for a warm light.

Friendly cuisine

Fly ### In the kitchen too you can create a warm and friendly space by using materials such as wood to warm the whole room. You can combine wood with white for a very decorative Scandinavian spirit.

Warm accessories

Fly ### Whether in the living room or in the bedroom, the accessories will allow you to warm the atmosphere. Think of faux fur rugs, cushions and blankets for a very winter spirit.

Scandinavian dining room

Fly ### Finally, in the dining room, opt for a very warm Scandinavian style by combining light wood with white. Add a small white faux fur rug to make the decor look winter.