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A cozy children's room

A cozy children's room

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So that the little ones feel safe in their room, we offer them a decor worthy of a cozy nest. Thanks to soft colors and soft materials, children will no longer want to get out of their little cocoon. Discover 5 cozy rooms to inspire you.

A room full of sweetness

La Redoute ### To dress the room with softness, opt for soft colors with a retro twist with gray, taupe and powder pink. As for accessories, we put on comfortable cushions, a soft carpet and warm little sheep.

A refuge room

Vertbaudet ### To create a refuge, we choose a light canopy that will house the bed. We then put on comfortable cushions and soft colors. The must: a warm carpet to sit on the floor to play.

A winter room

Vertbaudet ### To bring warmth to the bedroom, we put on a winter decoration. Then bet on bed linen in dark colors that uses fir and reindeer as patterns. For the winter spirit, we put on a thick duvet and a soft carpet.

A warm bedroom

Vertbaudet ### Finally, to bring cheerfulness to the bedroom, we do not hesitate to combine natural colors with warmer and more dynamic colors. The fuchsia pink will be ideal for little girls like on this bed set which takes matriochkas as a motif.