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Ideas for the layout of the dining room

Ideas for the layout of the dining room

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If the dining room had gradually disappeared, we return to the table for moments of sharing and conviviality. Suddenly, it is necessary to arrange a dining room worthy of the name! For that, here are some useful and decorative ideas.

A dining room in a corner

Ikea If you have a large living room, do not hesitate to use a corner of the room to install your dining room. A table and a dresser will suffice to materialize this space in the blink of an eye.

A dining room in the continuity of the kitchen

Ikea In this large space, the kitchen and the dining room are set up in continuity with each other. The kitchen takes place at the back of the room and is delimited by a counter to make room for the dining area.

The dining room at the back of a room

Alinéa Conversely, it is also the dining room that can find its place at the back of a room. Here, the wall allows you to install a bench and offer a visual representation of the dining room.

A dining room against a wall

Ikea If you lack space, you don't have to set up the dining table in the center of a room. On the contrary, do not hesitate to place a part against a wall to clear the traffic but also help you to delimit this space.

A dining room in front of the TV

Purpose What if the dining room replaced the living room? We can then place the table in front of the television so that the table plays the role of a living space with multiple activities.

A dining room in the continuity of the living room

Purpose Similarly, so that the table finds its place close to the television, it can be installed in the continuity of the living room. Suddenly, the whole forms a very convivial space while offering different activities.

An office-style dining room

Purpose If you lack space, do not hesitate to grant two functions to the dining room. For example, by installing it near a library, the dining room can be transformed into an office from time to time.

The dining room in the kitchen

Fly You don't want to give up meals in the kitchen? Okay, but on condition that there is a real dining table for traditional meals that benefit from the conviviality of the kitchen area.

The dining room in the living room

Fly Finally, the best is probably to place your dining room in the living room near the living room while offering it a real place away.


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