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How to find more space in a small dressing room?

How to find more space in a small dressing room?

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Summer is coming to an end and now is the time to reorganize your closet to start the year off right. Lack of space, small dressing room… many solutions exist to allow you to find an adequate location for each of your belongings. Shoe rack, pants or skirt holder, belt or tie holder, locker for dirty laundry, drawer divider for accessories… so many space-saving tips and useful storage that will not leave you indifferent.

A hanging cover for clothes

Maginea For all your fragile clothes, the Maginea cover is the essential accessory to get urgently. It will allow you to store your most bulky winter clothes. With a transparent part giving the user the possibility of seeing its contents, it allows to store up to five large coats.

Storage baskets

Ikea Pretty and functional, ideal for classifying clothes by category and by person, the Komplement baskets will undoubtedly charm you. These small baskets, sold by three and woven by hand, will give a unique and decorative look to your wardrobe.

Tie and belt rack

Lapeyre Keeping your wardrobe tidy and organized becomes child's play thanks to the Lapeyre tie and belt holder. Its aluminum structure has a sliding system with partial side exit which will allow you to protect and keep all your belts and ties as new.

A retractable telescopic rod

CDL Chambre Autrement Storage accessories are the key to a practical and organized wardrobe. For all cupboards that lack depth, we opt for a retractable telescopic rod. Clever and useful, it will allow you to optimize the layout of your wardrobe effectively while delimiting your storage spaces.

A hanging basket

Castorama Suitable for all types of dressing, the Pratik hanging basket allows you to organize your closets while optimizing the space. Barely installed, you can see the clothes stored at a glance.

A shoe rack to fix

Castorama Your wardrobe is packed and you wonder how you will be able to store your shoes there. Don't panic, the Pratik shoe rack will change your life! Attaching itself inside or outside the closet, it adapts to all dressings for a minimum interior depth of 48 cm.

A drawer divider

Lapeyre Organize the storage space according to your needs with the Lapeyre drawer divider. This flexible storage will allow you to store fine lingerie or accessories and access them the most easily in the world.

Pants and skirts

Mr Bricolage Finished the drudgery of having, every morning, to go in search of his favorite pants. With the Mr Bricolage sliding pants and skirts, in addition to easily finding the outfit of your choice, the clothes remain taut for effective and maximum protection.

A laundry basket

Lapeyre Exit the laundry basket in the bathroom or in the bedroom. With the Lapeyre sliding basket, you can store all your dirty clothes in a discreet space.


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