10 easy-care coatings

10 easy-care coatings

At home, nobody likes having to scrub the floor or the wall to clean a stain. Fortunately, brands have understood this and now offer coatings, for walls and floors, that are easy to clean. A quick overview of what we can find.

Parquet vinyl

Leroy merlin All the effect of a wooden parquet with wide planks thanks to this resistant coating. The trompe-l'oeil is almost perfect. There is indeed vinyl for all styles with thousands of imitations that are still just as easy to clean.

Bleached blades

Leroy merlin You dream of a real parquet floor but you cannot afford it? Realistic effect blades are your solution. Less expensive and easier to install, you can recreate the atmosphere you want quickly. All easy to maintain!

From the ground to the ceiling

Leroy merlin Tiling is a coating that is very easy to clean: sweep or vacuum with a broom to clean crumbs and other dirt, then wipe with a mop to shine and protect. Here we put it from floor to ceiling for a very trendy effect.


Leroy merlin Several tiles of different colors for an "invitation to travel" atmosphere. Do not hesitate to coordinate the elements of the bathroom. Here we find the same shades of blue on the floor and the formwork of the bathtub but also in frieze on the wall and in the accessories. We then offer a colorful and original interior without cleaning problem.


Castorama Made from natural elements, linoleum, commonly called lino, is a very ecological material. Be careful not to wash it with plenty of water, but rather with a wrung out mop. The wood flour it contains makes it sensitive to humidity.


Castorama PVC tiles can imitate any coating: stone, wood, metal ... You can then choose a coating suited to your decor style. Easy to install, these tiles are also simple to clean.

Own rock

Leroy merlin For a teenage bedroom, it is better to favor a floor that is easy to clean. However, you do not have to give up on style: with a metallic effect we give a rock side while keeping its clean side.

Practical kitchen

Leroy merlin In the kitchen, a room where you also stain the floor a lot by dropping food or the walls when you cook them, you can bet on a 100% tiling coating. Be careful not to stifle the space.


Saint Maclou Polished porcelain stoneware is a very compact coating with a shiny, unglazed surface. It can be of solid color or of imitation marbled which gives it a luxurious aspect. It will adapt perfectly to an elegant room with classic decoration while offering you easy cleaning.