A dresser for my kitchen

A dresser for my kitchen

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They had fallen into oblivion, here they are again in the spotlight. Proud to show off their finest glassware and tableware, the dressers catch the eye in the kitchen and come in all shapes and sizes. Retro for some, bright for others, revealing careful storage to the centimeter or on the contrary, stacked in no specific order, the inspiration begins now!


Ikéa A game of transparency and porcelain inside this pretty dresser sublimated by internal lighting, like in a museum. Dishware, a work of art in the kitchen?


Ikéa Bordered by greenery as in the countryside and covered with the patina of time, this charming lady's dresser cooks in no time.


Ikéa A real tote for its centerpiece, the kitchen, this red dresser makes its star without even putting away perfectly the bowls, glasses and plates that it preciously houses.


Ikéa Proof that dresser and urban style can be combined in the same room: this kitchen on a brick background in New York style. A black model (for the strength of decorative character) and sober lines are at the origin of this winning duo…


Ikéa Mismatched storage for this dresser which we almost forget the external aesthetic. Here, it is the "casual and falsely misplaced" look that comes first!


Ikea The content of the dressers sometimes has more weight in terms of style than its exterior design. This is the case with this beautifully retro model… thanks to its dishes!


Ikea No windows or doors for this plate display! A new concept of dresser laid bare?


Ikéa Another version of an open cupboard, that is to say, without glasses. The only difference from the previous one? Its more contemporary attitude, resulting simply from the choice of modern archi glasses and plates.


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