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Maison et Objet September 2014: Hübsch, the editor's favorite brand

Maison et Objet September 2014: Hübsch, the editor's favorite brand

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Clean design, Nordic inspiration, fine materials, welcome to the world of Hübsch, a small Danish brand that caught our eye on the Salon Maison et Objet. To make you fall in love too, we have selected 10 pieces for you from the fall-winter collection. Nice discovery.

Decorative scales

Hübsch Photos, paintings and other mirrors are no longer the only decorative accessories to enhance the walls of the house. Today, we can also count on the scales that we leave naked or on which we hang some decorative objects.

Warm plaids

Hübsch To warm up the decor this fall, we put on warm plaids like these thick wool or sheep models. Placed on an armchair, on the sofa or on a bench, they make all the difference.

Original accessories

Hübsch Small mushrooms and pine cones in glass, wood or even ceramic. This winter, we adopt the elements of the forest in a contemporary and refined version without difficulty.

Cozy armchairs

Hübsch Soft and soft seats, base in blond wood, these armchairs with a resolutely Scandinavian look will have no trouble sliding into our cozy and warm interiors. We crack!

Geometric vases

Hübsch To energize the decor of your living room or bedroom, adopt these vases with geometric shapes. Opaque white or transparent black, we let you decide!


Hübsch This season, it's decided, the lanterns are the new candle holders to adopt in the living room! Our preference goes to the copper-colored models which bring a little touch of warmth.

Rattan chair

Hübsch Exit the 1950s look, the rattan armchair plays with contemporary codes as this model with modern seat and sleek metal base proves.

Sublimate plants

Hübsch Green plants bring a real dose of freshness to interior design. To enhance them, we therefore put on pots with geometric shapes, golden patterns or even more original: we place them in a high copper metal basket.

Leather or wool poufs

Hübsch To bring warmth to your living room, bet on these poufs with noble materials. One is brown leather, the other wool. The two partners harmonize perfectly, don't you think?


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