10 emblematic pieces from Vitra

10 emblematic pieces from Vitra

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The Swiss company Vitra is a manufacturer of design furniture which has been operating since 1950. Created to improve the habitat of offices and public places, it now produces the biggest names in international design. Back on 10 pieces have marked the last 50 years.

Charles & Ray Eames Lounge Chair

vitra Starting from the idea of ​​revisiting the famous English Club, the designer couple Charles and Ray Eames then started the lounge chair. Several years would have been necessary before the latter was born. Lighter, elegant and just as comfortable as the Club, it remains a must have for all design enthusiasts.

Hang it all Charles & Ray Eames

Vitra Beautiful wooden balls painted in bright colors bring down the traditional coat racks. To be fixed to the wall, it awakens an entrance or hallway that lacks style.

Akari Light Sculpture Isamu Noguchi Lamps

Vitra Made of Shoji paper and by hand, the sculpture lamps are both light and delicate. They are aptly named since Akari means light clarity.

Basel Jasper Morrison Chair

Vitra The classic wooden chair regains a little dignity at Jasper Morrison. Harmonious proportions, combination of wood and synthetic material. The latter perfectly reflects the designer's philosophy which is: Super Normal!

Butterfly Stool Sori Yanagi

Vitra Butterfly-like, this stool by Sori Yanagi combines oriental shapes and animal grace. The two curved shells use the bending technique of Charles and Ray Eames.

Coconut Chair Georges Nelson

Vitra Georges Nelson evoked it himself, this seat looks like a coconut cut in 8. Its forms evoking nature, pure lines and the sparing use of materials, are typical of creations of the 50s.

Plastic Side Chair Charles & Ray Eames

Vitra The legendary couple, Charles and Ray Eames, could only create a legendary chair! This first synthetic industrial manufacturing seat arrived on the decoration market in 1950.

The timeless Panton chair

Vitra The Panton chair is a design classic. Created by Verner Panton, it defies trends to be illustrated since 1960 in all self-respecting design interiors. Plastic molded in one piece, it adapts perfectly to the curves of the body.

Slow Chair Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Vitra This generously sized armchair uses a very resistant fabric knitted to measure. The comfort of the seat is increased by fine cushions which are added to the set. Its light structure and its absolute comfort, gives it a place of choice both inside and outside.


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