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From floor to ceiling, my library as new

From floor to ceiling, my library as new

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The library has become over the years a fully-fledged decorative piece of furniture. Whether it is integrated into a room - living room, bedroom - or has its own space, it is the cultural soul of the house! Finding a suitable place is not always easy, and putting away your books can quickly become a real headache! therefore offers you some tips and tricks to set up a practical and cozy library, which invites you to read and rest during the long rainy afternoons.

A DIY library (Do it yourself)

La Fiancée du Pirate Small budgets or aficionados of unique furniture will no doubt opt ​​for a homemade library. Whether new or second-hand, it's easy to give a look to a worn-out piece of furniture by painting it (special tiling underlayment + acrylic paint on all supports) or by covering it with pretty wallpaper. The famous Billy d'Ikea ​​is particularly suitable for exercise!

A practical and clever library

My Creative Life We copy this pretty industrial-looking library without delay by assembling boxes of recuperated wine, screwed together. Very practical installed under the stairs, it occupies a minimum of space for maximum effect! The most creative can paint the outside of the boxes and line the inside with decopatch paper to brighten up the whole.

Treat the lighting

Ikea Lighting is an essential element of a cozy and welcoming library. Today there are mini-lights that are integrated into the furniture in order to subtly illuminate the content. Do not hesitate to multiply the light sources around the library, by installing a reading lamp near a comfortable armchair or simply a pretty table lamp on a pedestal table!

An extended library

Ikea Another good idea imagined by the Swedish giant Ikea: the extended library on the stairs, thanks to a clever system of wall shelves installed at the same height as those of the furniture. We like the trompe l'oeil effect which gives an impression of tailor-made, just like the impressive storage space made available for books!

A trompe-l'oeil library

Scenolia What if you mix real books with fake ones? This is the idea presented in this spacious living room! Its owner has stuck on the wall a nice trompe l'oeil wallpaper (which you can easily find at The Collection or Scenolia) on which he has added shelves with real books this time. Blow of heart for this beautiful setting!

Choose a stylish piece of furniture

Paragraph To make your library harmonious with the rest of the room, choose it in the same spirit as all of your furniture. In raw wood for an industrial decor, white lacquered in a contemporary interior, in solid oak for a countryside decor… there are a thousand and one different styles!

Special small spaces

Ikea When you live in a space with limited dimensions, you sometimes have to be clever! With a bookcase above the door or window, you easily gain floor space without visually cluttering the room.


Paragraph The library can have an austere appearance when it is occupied only by books. Imagine an artistic setting with beautiful lighting, vases, frames and decorative objects scattered on several shelves!

A tailor-made library

Cesam The tailor-made library remains a must in terms of layout since it harmoniously occupies the space while meeting your storage needs. Good news: prices have dropped considerably in recent years and this luxury is now much more accessible!


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