10 decorative storage for toilet paper

10 decorative storage for toilet paper

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The toilets also have the right to play the decor card. For this, we play on colors and materials, tiles and furniture but also with storage. And more specifically those for toilet paper. Small overview of possibilities for amenities.

Smart storage in the toilet

Decotec If your toilet is located near the sink, choose the most practical solution, the vanity unit which is also used to store accessories. Brush and rollers become almost invisible.

Smile you are filmed: an original reel

D'home Productions Play the originality card with this old film camera transformed into a reel. If you do not already have one in an old trunk, you will have no problem finding the rare pearl in a flea market for a few euros.

A minimalist toilet paper holder

Leroy Merlin Minimalists will appreciate the simplicity of a hose reel associated with a brush rest. In a chrome or mat version, it will quickly integrate into a contemporary environment.

Hide the toilet paper!

Leroy Merlin For even more discretion, place your rolls of toilet paper in a cupboard. We then choose it according to the colors of the room.

A hanging dispenser

Leroy Merlin Hanging on the wall, the dispenser no longer takes up space on the ground. Convenient for toilets, which are small spaces. Care is taken to place it at the correct height.

An original roll holder

Leroy Merlin With plastic tubes of different diameters and lengths, you create a very original roll holder. Here in gray, it gives an industrial side to the room.

A dispenser fixed under a shelf

Leroy Merlin If your toilet is placed like here, you can fix your dispenser under a shelf, in a corner. It then becomes very discreet. Be careful not to place it too much at the bottom, you must be able to reach it.


Leroy Merlin In the children's bathroom or to entertain the older ones, you can divert a toy to transform it into a reel. Here a dinosaur, its mouth open, becomes a real practical object.

A 2 in 1 hose reel

The collection To keep those who find time long in the corner, a little reading is always welcome. For that choose a reel which allows to suspend some magazines for the most impatient.


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