10 bathrooms to please children

10 bathrooms to please children

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The bathroom is a place where you meet the whole family and where you do more and more things: take care of the sores of the little ones, make up for the mothers and shave for the dads. But also brush your teeth, wash, take baths… A quick overview of creations that give little ones access to a real bathroom.

Marine patterns

Amazon The wave patterns, boats and other animals of the seabed have always appealed to children. In the bathroom, as a frieze on the wall or as accessories, blue allows children to travel while they are in the bath.

Adapted accessories

Ikea To transform an adult bathroom into a children's version, just think smart. With steps, you allow him to reach the sink to brush his teeth like his parents.

Toys at your fingertips

Ikea In the bath or in the shower, our toddlers love to invent incredible adventures in imaginary worlds. To accompany them in their stories, the toys remain close at hand to avoid fits of tears.

Practical storage

Ikea Small storage spaces suitable for cherubs like here a cupboard for toothpaste and toothbrush or hooks to hang your watch and glasses. All in a colorful and tangy atmosphere.

Childish patterns

Ikea Small characters, vibrant colors, simplified details, like children and rent! A facelift and an offbeat side that will amuse the whole family.

Prepare as a family

Ikea Younger people also have the right to make themselves look good before going out to meet their friends. We then choose a lighting suitable for everyone and a large mirror so that everyone can prepare without disturbing the other.

Supercharged accessories

Ikea Orange linens, pink patterns, turquoise tiles, neon accessories ... We play the color card to put in a good mood in the morning.

Furniture for the little ones

La Redoute An accident happened so quickly in the bathroom. To avoid any hassle, we invest in furniture and accessories that ease the work of parents. Be careful not to rest on it and turn your head even for a few seconds.

Journey to the end of the world

Maison du monde To give children the desire to discover the world and educate them with an open mind, we do not hesitate to play with a trendy decoration traveling abroad and opening up to other cultures.