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The America Hotel in Cannes, a four star aptly named

The America Hotel in Cannes, a four star aptly named

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The America Hotel in Cannes lives up to its name. Sporting a somewhat outdated decoration, it offered a makeover inspired by the Nantucket style. The master on board of decoration is Chantal Peyrat. The decorator, who is not at her first try, drew her inspiration from the relaxed lifestyle of the East Coast of the United States. Cozy atmosphere, neutral colors and soft materials are waiting for you. A decorative visit in pictures…

Brown room

Hotel America The hotel rooms all have a decoration that is both cozy and warm. Walls of wallpaper, soft carpet and beautifully draped fabrics adorn each room with style.

Decorative wink

Hotel America We particularly like the architectural games that make certain places unique. Here small niches welcome bird cages staged by a play of light.

The entrance to the America Hotel

Hotel America The simple, unpretentious facade contrasts with the warm and cozy interior.

The lobby

Hotel America The lobby, like the 28 rooms of the hotel, is inspired by the Nantucket style which places comfort, neutral colors and natural materials at the top of the pavement.

The reasons

Hotel America The choice in the patterns calls for sobriety and elegance. Houndstooth, grid, plants invest the place without ostentation.

The living room

Hotel America A few meters from the beach. It is pleasant to rest in comfortable armchairs, to tread on thick rugs and to take advantage of the serene atmosphere which emanates from the place.

The entrance

Hotel America Comfortable sofas, a profusion of cushions, soft carpets and mole walls invite the visitor to rediscover the tranquility of a seaside family pension.


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