Copper decor in the house

Copper decor in the house

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We almost forgot ... Copper, long reserved for cookware, has been making a noticeable entrance in our interiors for some time. Mixed with other materials such as marble or light wood, it reveals its decorative potential. Attention, all the same not to be abused, it is by using it sparingly that you will make it an aesthetic element in its own right. To avoid the lack of taste, here are 10 ideas of copper objects to quickly get yourself.

A coffee table

David and Nicolas This coffee table that plays with marble and copper is a real favorite. Placed in the middle of the living room, it undoubtedly becomes the centerpiece stealing the show from the sofa!

Candlesticks and candle jars

H&M Home Clean lines for the candlesticks and openwork design for the candle jars, H&M plays with Scandinavian and oriental decor codes for its first collection. If you look closely, even the cushion plays with the copper trend!

Scandinavian inspiration

Light Online Scandinavian interiors often feature pretty pendant lights, designer or not, copper and very design. We are therefore inspired by their beautiful decor by installing a copper-colored pendant lamp in the living room.

Tom Dixon candle

Tom Dixon If you haven't already taken a look at the creations of the English designer Tom Dixon, it's time to fix them! On the menu: copper, copper and more copper ... even for candles. Pretty, right?

Accessories here and there

H&M Home You can dare to use copper in many decorative styles, as long as you only use small touches at the risk of creating an outdated whole. A small box here, a flower pot there, a cushion on the sofa, and voila.

Small boxes

H&M Home To store your jewelry or your keys, or simply to decorate a side table, you can opt for these small copper boxes, which in addition to being pretty, are not expensive at all!

Design pendant lights

Tom Dixon We are literally stuck in front of these copper suspensions signed Tom Dixon. Suspended in number above the table in the dining room or alone in the living room, they are sure to appeal to your guests.

With marble

Menu The candlesticks also have fun with the combination of marble and copper. We take our hat off to these models of different sizes that we would install well with us…

Copper bowl

H&M Home This tray and this copper bowl invite themselves on the outdoor table at aperitif time. Placed on a table with contemporary decor or slipped into an oriental decor, they will have their little effect.


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