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The decor plays it big!

The decor plays it big!

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In the house, the furniture and accessories take on a disproportionate size in order to break the usual codes. This gives giant lamps, sofas that take up the whole room or even beanbags where to lie down entirely! A quick overview in pictures.

A sofa for the whole family

Saby Art style ### If you do not lack space in your living room, you may well be seduced by the XXL sofas which offers to sit the whole family on one and the same seat. This sofa thus takes on colossal dimensions which make it a centerpiece of the living room.

An oversized snow globe

Maison Margiela ### Even decorative accessories take on colossal dimensions. Maison Margiela, for example, offers this XXL-style snow globe with a diameter of 21 centimeters and a height of 17cm!

An XXL lamp

Northern Lighting ### If the design of this lamp looks like two drops of water like a bedside lamp, it nevertheless takes on incredible dimensions and turns into a floor lamp which is installed in the living room.

An ottoman to lie on

Goal ### If the poufs are usually used to sit close to the floor, with the new XXL poufs, you can lie down anywhere on these giant cushions to lounge around the house.