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Weber barbecue: new products for 2014

Weber barbecue: new products for 2014

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What will be the barbecue trends of this summer 2014? What will it be necessary to grill (and especially how) to impress the guests of our next garden parties? By deciphering the new products from the Weber brand, we unlock the mystery of grilling 2014. It's your turn to discover it!

New Master Touch series, the accessorized barbecue

Weber Derived from the One Touch, the Master Touch is a charcoal barbecue that can integrate a multitude of accessories such as a wok, a plancha or a pizza stone. We get out of the merguez-sausage combo to go into world cuisine. ** Weber barbecue, Master Touch series, from € 250 **

Balcony barbecue, Weber Q

Weber The friend of small spaces, the Q series barbecue is getting a makeover. Always as compact, it fits perfectly in an urban environment and thanks to its cover, it avoids getting angry with the neighbors. ** Weber barbecue, Q1000 series, from € 200 **

Balcony barbecue, Weber Q (bis)

Weber Among the novelties of the Q series, we discover new handles, a new thermometer and two-part cooking grates. More comfort, therefore more pleasure! ** Weber barbecue, Q1200 series, from € 300 **

The practical and light barbecue, the Weber Q3000

Weber In the Q Series 3000 version, the Weber gas barbecue offers optimal equipment with a new space for utensils on the front as well as new reinforced shelves. ** Weber barbecue, Q3000 series, from € 550 **

The barbecue on the go, the Weber Go Anywhere

Weber The portable version of the barbecue according to Weber puts on originality with this concept of barbecue-case. Equipped with a handle with heat protection, it can be taken everywhere. Gas or charcoal version, this portable barbecue can feed up to 4 people. ** Weber barbecue, Go Anywhere, from € 100 **

The smokehouse, the new barbecue 2014

Weber What if we drop the barbecue to discover new flavors to enjoy outdoors? At Weber, we believe so much that two new smoker sizes are now available (diameter 37 and 57 cm). ** Weber smoker, Smokey Mountain Cooker, from € 350 **


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