Animals climb walls

Animals climb walls

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If animal decoration is on the rise, textiles and objects are not the only ones to bear witness to this. Indeed, on the walls, stickers, wallpapers, tiles, trophies and wall hooks straight inspired by wildlife are proudly displayed. Behind their sometimes playful, romantic or designer look, the animals create a surprise, and we want more…

Wall hooks in the shape of animals

Fly ### They show a keen interest in animals, and constantly ask for one for Christmas or their birthday, who is that? Children of course! They are therefore certainly not the ones who will ignore the animal trend in decoration. Look, even small details like these wall hooks in the shape of an elephant, rhino and penguin will be welcome in their room!

Lizards on the wall tile

Paragraph ### Here is a kitchen that takes us to the south thanks to its pretty tart colors, but also thanks to the patterns of lizards discreetly covering some of its wall tiles. A whimsical touch that spices up the room where you simmer your dishes ...

A deer-shaped animal trophy

Fly ### In animal decoration, one of the most pampered objects is the trophy! Here, his deer shape presides over the wall, while his white porcelain coat gives the room a very prestigious look. The proof that the animal trend can also be design!

Sticker-style birds

Dezign ### The decor takes off with pretty stickers in the shape of caged birds pasted on the living room wall. Behind their small trompe l'oeil effect, these silhouettes enchant us with their poetic allure and filled with tenderness. A chic and inexpensive idea to remember!


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