Arrange a room for two children

Arrange a room for two children

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From baby to adolescent, making two children cohabit in a small space is often complex and delicate. This requires a specific arrangement so that everyone can benefit from a small corner of their own and where they can flourish. Discover without further delay the selection that you have concocted in order to organize and optimize small rooms intelligently.

The school chalkboard partition

Leroy Merlin Ingenious idea that to delimit the space of each of the children with the help of a wooden partition. Its asset? It offers everyone a creative surface through a small blackboard similar to the school boards of yesteryear.

Mirror effect

Mr Bricolage Practical and functional is the layout of this children's room. Here we play the mirror effect card by placing the beds face to face. We will decorate the decoration of the room with two rugs, two cupboards for storage and two desks for homework in separate universes for more personalization.

Extendable bed

3 Swiss Those who want to invest for the long term in the bedroom of their two children will turn to extendable beds which have the advantage of adapting to all ages. Very practical, a simple gesture is enough to transform a 140 cm long bed into a 2 m long bed. WE love !

Roller bed

Room secret In this well thought-out room, space is maximized. Under the space reserved for work, a roller bed has been built in to enlarge the circulation area. Motionless in normal times, the roller bed has the advantage of being able to be moved as desired.

Bunk beds and storage

Ros Favorite for this ultra-practical two-bed. Placed against a wall, it allows to maximize the play space thanks to its bunk beds and its storage drawers integrated into the bed.

Two in one

3 Suisses Ideal for blended families with occasional dependent children, this solid pine bed with an extra bed drawer is the essential ally for small rooms.

Double desk

Fly A clever and functional desk for children who share the same room. Main asset, it offers an individual work area for each of your toddlers. We crack!

Bunk beds

Wodland Interesting solution than these bunk beds which have the advantage of offering occupants a significant saving of space. Unlike traditional bunk beds, the two beds are offset to create a small space for play or storage.

Movable table

Espace Loggia The mobile tray attached to the wall or ceiling allows the layout of reduced surfaces in all subtlety. This configuration leaves plenty of space on the ground and frees up an interesting play and work space.


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