5 design hotels in Europe by Téva Déco

5 design hotels in Europe by Téva Déco

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Téva Déco this month introduces you to 5 hotels that have a design that is both design and ultra modern. Located in Europe, they are another way to approach the old continent and to think outside the box of the traditional hotel room. A good excuse in perspective to go on weekends!

The rooms of the Odyssey Hotel

Hôtel Odyssey Like capsules, the rooms are decorated in a contemporary and refined style. Possessing a variation of different tones, they are an escape where comfort and design are at the rendezvous.

The Fresh Hotel in Athens

Fresh Hotel Right in the heart of central Athens, the Fresh Hotel with its multicolored and bright facade contrasts nicely with the historic aspect of the city. ** Practical info: ** Site:

The rooms of the Fresh Hotel

Fresh Hôtel With its refined and neat decoration, the hotel rooms are an ode to color. Each of them stages a particular tone in a modern and original interior.

Nhow Berlin in Germany

Nhow Berlin Téva Déco takes you on a journey to the German capital. Meet in one of the bohemian districts of the city (Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg) to discover an unusual place that integrates local and industrial architecture with a colorful and surreal atmosphere. ** Practical information: ** Site:

The rooms of the Hotel Nhow Berlin

Nhow Berlin The 304 rooms feature furniture with exacerbated curves and psychedelic patterns. An unusual and unique address that will not fail to surprise you.

The Sublim Eiffel Hotel in Paris

Hotel Subilm Eiffel Located in a lively district of the capital near the Eiffel Tower, the Sublim Eiffel is a resolutely urban address. Its decoration signed by the creative Sandrine Alouf triggers astonishment and brings the city into the hotel. ** Practical information: ** Le Sublim Eiffel 94 Boulevard Garibaldi 75015 Paris Tel. Site:

The rooms of the Sublim Eiffel Hôtel in Paris

Hotel Subilm Eiffel Paris invites itself into the rooms. Mixing the high-tech card with its bright design and 100% Parisian codes with the carpet which is inspired by street plans of neighborhoods and city winks, the Sublim Eiffel hotel shakes up the codes of the hotel industry classic.

The Félicien Hotel in Paris

Hôtel Félicien Reinterpreted by the designer Olivier Lapidus, the decoration of the Hôtel Félicien links its intimate world with pages from its sketchbooks, family photos and ultra modern materials. ** Practical information: ** Hôtel Félicien 21 rue Félicien David 75016 Paris 01 55 74 00 00

The rooms of the Félicien Hotel

Hôtel Félicien The rooms spread over the 6 floors are full of colors. In total white or ultra contemporary look in black and electric blue, they all express the elegance and finesse of the creator.


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