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The same for less: a carpet that makes an impact

The same for less: a carpet that makes an impact

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The carpet turns out to be an essential ally for a trendy and modern interior decoration. On closer inspection, it offers a variety of styles and interesting universes. Zebra pattern or puzzle-shaped, inspired by the Tie and Die trend or abstract art there is literally something for everyone and for all budgets. Zoom on the selection you have concocted.

Hay felt ball small rug 759 euros / Happy as Larry Pinocchio rug 249 euros

Hay - Happy as Larry Favorite for the felt ball small handmade rug designed by Nepalese women with the utmost respect for the environment. We love its bright colors and its modern and refined design that we also find in the low-cost version offered by Happy as Larry.

Bo Concept cubic rug 549 euros / Fly bermuda rug 79.99 euros

Bo Concept - Fly Between the Bo Concept and Fly brands, the choice is quickly made for those who appreciate designer rugs while saving money. We like the geometric shapes and the psychedelic effect of these two models.

Carpet Made for design cubism 179 euros / Habitat origami carpet 125 euros

Made for design - Habitat Directly inspired by the origami principle, the carpet with a bit of Cubist patterns Made for design has everything it takes. Small budgets will opt for the origami carpet designed by Habitat.

Brita Sweden gunnel rug 149 euros / AM PM Viga rug 139 euros

Brita Sweden - AM PM Woven in Sweden according to ancient weaving traditions, the very graphic Gunnel rug is the essential decorative accessory for a trendy and contemporary interior with a Scandinavian spirit. Seen at La Redoute, the second will meet the expectations of more modest budgets.

Oxybul hopscotch fairy carpet 89.99 euros / Maisons du Monde carpet hopscotch 59 euros

Oxybul - Maisons du Monde Decorative and playful at the same time, the hopscotch rug from the snow fairy collection is the essential decorative accessory for a children's room. Its pastel colors will bring softness and cheerfulness to the whole space. His twin also has everything to please. Its asset? Its reduced price.

La Redoute wool sheepskin rug 69 euros / Ikéa Tejn sheepskin rug 12.99 euros

La Redoute - Ikéa Lovers of white, soft materials and Scandinavian style, these rugs are made for you! While large spaces will opt for the La Redoute carpet measuring 75x165 cm, small pieces will bet on the Ludde carpet with a size of 60x95 cm.

Contraforma imperial carpet 240 euros / Factory puzzle design carpet 79 euros

Contraforma - Design factory For an original and evolving decoration, we put on the imperial modular carpet as desired. On the same principle, its counterpart seen on the Usine à design site offers us a carpet made of multiple pieces of puzzle in bright colors that will assemble and disassemble as desired. Creating your own style becomes child's play!

Cinna Africa rug 1199 euros / Zebra cowhide rug 699 euros

Cinna - Cowhide After the sheepskin, make way for another trendy style: the zebra style. On your left, the magnificent ultra-graphic Africa carpet and on your right, the zebra carpet which will help to create even more a savannah atmosphere in your interior. And who are you going to succumb to?

Carte Blanche carpet Lessons of things 231 euros / La Redoute Tie and Die carpet 34.90 euros

Carte blanche - La Redoute After fashion and its variation on our hair, the Tie and Die trend takes over the decoration with the faded Lessons of Things carpet in blue and beige colors. Cheaper but in the same spirit, the carpet signed La Redoute is the most beautiful effect!


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