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10 DIY around weaving

10 DIY around weaving

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This year, it is impossible to miss weaving. Seen on Instagram, Pinterest and many blogs, this trend is invading the world of decoration and fashion, for our greatest pleasure. Want to follow the movement and learn about the loom, discover ten tutorials to guide you in your first steps.

Start weaving: make a cardboard loom

Apodioxe That's it, it's decided, this year, you are embarking on the learning of wool weaving. To start off on the right foot, start by making your own loom. No need to spend a fortune, you just need to buy hard cardboard, a comb with wide teeth, a wool needle, reels of trapiho or jersey and two pebbles. Easy isn't it? * More info on this DIY: Apodioxe *

How to start weaving: tips for beginners

Morganours Your loom done, now is the time to get started. To approach this stage in the best possible way, Morganours, creator of unusual objects in wool, has created a very interesting tutorial where she delivers her advice and tips. Don't hesitate to take a look! * More info on this DIY: Morganours *

Start weaving: design a rope weaving pennant

Milh Preview on Milh's blog, a sparkling creator, creative and full of life, this pretty black and white pennant made on a wooden rod did not go unnoticed by the editorial staff. Like the three creators behind this unusual project, you share the taste for beautiful objects and resourcefulness, so don't hesitate for a minute! Bring a wooden board, nails, wooden rod, white and plain black cotton cord, wool needle… and get started without further delay in making the Hey Hey pennant * More info on this DIY: Milh *

Start weaving: trapilho creations

Jesus Sauvage Do you know the trapilho? This rolled cotton jersey thread, which lends itself to many creations and which can also be made by yourself from recycled t-shirts? Ideal for making small accessories requiring little material, you can especially use it to cover a dolls rocking chair for your little blonde head. * More info on this DIY: Jesus Sauvage *

Start weaving: learn circular weaving

Claire Des Bruyères Have you heard of circular weaving? You may have heard of the circular craft made by Suzy Brown (Woolwench) and Majacraft for the Journey To the Golden Fleece: online creativity course with fibers and spinning. Do you want to learn this technique? Claire Des Bruyères had the excellent idea of ​​bringing together on a single page a tutorial which explains in detail the necessary equipment and how to go about it. A concentrate of very interesting information! * More info on this DIY: Claire Des Bruyères *

Start weaving: make a wool weaving placemat

Mom to do everything You too fell in love with this sublime colorful doily, a bit bohemian? That's good, decided to direct you on how to make a beautiful doily in wool weaving. For the weft, you will select thick thread and you will get several balls of wool to vary the textures and colors. Also remember to set aside an embroidery frame and a wool needle. More info on this DIY: Mom to do everything

Start weaving: create a square tapestry

Celenaa Do you want to make a square tapestry? Take a knitted fabric, then pass your threads vertically around the different studs. Then do the same thing horizontally with the help of a needle while passing your thread above and below. After weaving, all you have to do is tighten the stitches. * More info on this DIY: Celenaa *

Begin weaving: learn pearl weaving

Pshiiit You liked learning how to weave wool, then you will love learning how to weave pearls. Here, no need to use a loom! To make a pretty pearl bracelet, roll up your sleeves and take thread, needles and colored pearls. * More info on this DIY: Pshiiit *

Start weaving: make a Navajo pearl bracelet

Elsamuse Since the "dream-catchers", this unusual object also called dream catcher, the Navajo trend is more and more popular! Lovers of this trend and angular shapes, learn to make yourself a pretty bracelet of Aztec pearls using your loom, thread, needle, pearls and clasp. * More info on this DIY: Elsamuse *

Start weaving: make a Hipanema bracelet

My Roy Home Hipanema cuffs, made up of several small bracelets, have been quite cult lately but very expensive. To avoid sacrificing a kidney on the altar of fashion, make your own with your ten nimble fingers using the equipment traditionally used when making jewelry. It's your turn to play now! More info on this DIY: My Roy Home


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