A chic ethnic style living room

A chic ethnic style living room

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For a mixed, unique and chic decor, adopt the ethnic style in your living room. It's up to you to compose your universe, taking inspiration from oriental, Zen, Indian or African decorations. To help you make your choices, discover our 6 atmospheres. Have a nice trip !

Maisons du Monde mango wood coffee table

Maisons du Monde ### Wall decoration To create the ambiance, you can dress your walls with display cases or paintings with tribal or exotic inspiration, favoring materials such as leather, metal or wood. Here, a wall decoration to find at Maisons du Monde, just like the mango wood coffee table, for a contemporary and exotic interior.

Ikea living room cushions with ethnic motifs

Ikea ### Ethnic touches Here, an Ikea lounge made up of a set of white sofas dressed in cushions with ethnic patterns and colors. To complete the decoration, an ottoman and a rattan seat were chosen, with a carpet in straw tones. The coffee table and the black wooden storage unit go well with everything.

Maisons du Monde Leather Lounge

Maisons du Monde ### Cozy atmosphere Prefer dark wood. On the floor, to dress the walls and for the choice of your furniture. Here, a teak table, a wooden mirror and wooden panels create a warm atmosphere. For the touch of charm, aged leather armchairs have been chosen. Finally, to accompany this furniture, a beige carpet in natural fibers half-cotton, half-hemp warms the whole, matched with light and transparent pale green curtains (Maisons du Monde.

La Redoute Ethnic Spirit Lounge

La Redoute ### Yellow or gold Two atmospheres with an ethnic chic spirit to find in the La Redoute catalog: beige tones enhanced by yellow or gold cushions; carpets in natural colors; round cocoon style pendant lights.


Ouma ### Traditional charpoy A charcoal in sheesham wood from the Ouma brand, from replanted forests, in cotton, jute or recycled ropes. This essential piece of Indian furniture will bring a layer of originality to your living room. A space to rest, to meditate or to eat.


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