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10 inspirations for an eco-friendly table

10 inspirations for an eco-friendly table

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Discover 10 ideas for an eco-friendly table, plates, tablecloth, accessories and cutlery. Atmospheres in colors, patterns or materials directly inspired by nature, for a chic and trendy table.

Eco friendly

Ikéa We retain the mixture of the two tablecloths, one in a natural material in ecru tone linen and the other with patterns with a few touches of colors for a trendy effect. As for the dishes, the shades of blue were chosen and the simplicity of the lines favored. To reinforce the natural character of the table, think like here with wooden accessories. Shopping link:

Your green

Paragraph Paragraph picnic to transplant for the table. A bright green tablecloth, grass-like place mats and simple plates that coordinate with everything. Add matching green glasses and voila! Shopping link:

Wooden table

Paragraph For a guaranteed ecological effect, nothing like a wooden table with large planks like here. Add dishes to simple lines, even with color and voila! To dress it all up, think also of the cushions with polka dot patterns which create a very decorative country effect. Shopping link:


Ikea For eco-chic meals, take inspiration from this Ikea atmosphere. The dishes were chosen all white with square and clean lines. The tablecloths and chairs also dress in white. To awaken the whole and bring the natural touch, garlands of leaves and bouquets set the tone with napkins of the same green. Shopping link:


Ekobo For an eco-friendly table, choose eco-designed tableware like the one offered here by the Ekobo brand. The entire range produced by hand is made of bamboo, a renewable natural material. Colors are in the spotlight for a table full of fantasy. Shopping link:


Ikea A brown wooden table, matching wicker chairs, white crockery and simple glasses are the recipe for a table with natural accents. Choose wooden cutlery and napkins in ecru tones to enhance everything. Shopping link:

Marine eco-friendly

Ikea Here a nature table inspired by the marine world. Choose white and blue, for plates, tablecloth and light fixtures. Shopping link:

Green details

Mr & Mrs Clynk Bet on details to create your eco-friendly table by choosing objects with simple materials and poetic patterns. Here, a white porcelain teapot and mugs with scales and asterisks in soft colors. Also think of wooden cutlery. Shopping link:

Green Scandinavian

Ferm Living Here a table staged by the Danish brand Ferm Living. Natural materials, graphic patterns and soft tones for an ultra-trendy ecological effect. Shopping link:


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