Visit of the Point du Jour nursery garden

Visit of the Point du Jour nursery garden

What a surprise, what astonishment that caused by this "garden-nursery"! By the multiplicity of its staging - plant, artistic, decorative, even architectural - here is a garden that has completely forgotten its primary utilitarian vocation to become a place of wonder. What is the secret of its creators, Françoise and Christian Bougnoux: magic, or love? Or both ? Because it certainly takes magic to grow works like one would grow a flower, and love to constantly renew itself for the sole pleasure of seeing the eyes of the other shine by discovering such new "surprise" appeared in the background. Magic, love, reverie, poetry ... the qualifiers inspired by this garden are jostling, without anyone knowing which one predominates. In response, we can only invite everyone to go and get an idea for themselves!

Autumn landscapes

Le Jardin Du Point Du Jour Crossing the large portico which proudly displays these words "Pepinières du Point du Jour" is a bit like surreptitiously slipping into the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland. When crossing, we shiver, impatience and fear mixed: what will happen to us, simple human beings?

Hair in the wind

Le Jardin Du Point Du Jour And here it begins, with this incongruous meeting with a wicker lady "hair in the wind"!

Autumn in the garden

Le Jardin Du Point Du Jour And further on, this other meeting with an astonishing couple of whom we do not know if they wish to be greeted or if they aspire to have their privacy respected.

The center of the earth

Le Jardin Du Point Du Jour Human forms are not the only ones to frequent places. There are also ... spheres ...

Plant swans

Le Jardin Du Point Du Jour ... and also swans forming a herd and seeming eager to gain refuge from the neighboring hedge.


Le Jardin Du Point Du Jour You will have to tell them that a water point - nicely dominated by a cabin almost as green as the environment which surrounds it - awaits them a little further.

Point of day

Le Jardin Du Point Du Jour What a simple luxury is that of a theater mixing stone and greenery, where you can stop to listen to the beating of your heart or the creaking of the cricket's wings.

Small wooden bridge

Point Du Jour Garden Here, bridges are built to avoid jumping from rock to rock, when they are mossy and slippery. And why not ?

Flowering trees

Le Jardin Du Point Du Jour Because the nursery remains a reality, let's make a foray to end this trip, at the magical time of blooming cherry blossoms.