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Angel Cakes, a new pastry fad?

Angel Cakes, a new pastry fad?

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Angel cakes? This pastry from the United States is the new sweet trend. Light and low in calories, it is emulated by foodistas. Originally, Angel Cake would come from Japan, where it has been wreaking havoc for years under the name of Chiffon cake. We tell you a little more about this new delicacy?

An original form

Press and Marmiton With a look close to the sponge and with a texture close to the cloud, the Angel cake owes its name above all to the fact that it consists of a very light and not very sweet sponge cake, essentially made from white of eggs and without any fat.

Yum yum

Ciel Pâtisserie We discover it in a hollowed-out round shape in which snuggle perfumed whipped cream, ganaches, fruit coulis or fresh fruit. But the recipe is malleable at will. Angel cakes can be filled with anything that pleases the taste buds!

A simple recipe

The Pastry Heaven To make an Angel cake, no need for a plethora of ingredients. Sift the flour and half the sugar. Place the egg whites in a large bowl and add a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice. Then whisk the egg whites, gradually adding the sugar until very firm snow is obtained. Add the vanilla flavor. Add the sifted flour. Pour the preparation into a mold with a very high edge then bake for 25 to 30 min. Let cool before tasting. //

Made of silicone, the must for cooking

Press and Marmiton This tall, round pan has a chimney allowing even cooking. It is in two parts with the central column which separates to facilitate the release of your cakes. You can find these Yoko Design molds on the Marmite et Chocolat online store. These silicone molds go into the traditional oven, microwave and dishwasher. Count 19.90 euros for 4 small individual molds and 19.90 euros for a large mold for 6 to 8 people.

Suitable molds

Press and Cook To successfully make this lovely dessert, it is essential to have the right mold. You cannot make a kouglof without a kouglof mold. There it is the same for Angel cakes!

Yoko Design launches into Angel Cakes

Press and Cook The Yoko Design brand has developed a range of hollow center molds. These are replicas of those that the Dutch emigrated to Pennsylvania at the end of the 19th century used to make these angel cakes.

Where to taste these divine cakes? Pâtisserie Ciel For those who would not dare to try the recipe, there is a shop in Paris specializing in Angel cakes. The Pâtisserie Ciel, opened a year ago in rue Monge in the 5th arrondissement, offers creations with sweet flavors such as vanilla or raspberry, but also two Japanese flavors: matcha, green tea powder, and yuzu, Japanese lemon.

A little sweetness to taste it Pâtisserie Ciel La Pâtisserie Ciel also offers salty Angel cakes. It can be enjoyed on a light wooden bar, accompanied by matcha tea, Japanese whiskey or a glass of champagne. //

At round prices

Benoit Martin / La Pâtisserie Ciel Still count 5 euros for the small format and 18 € euros for the large format. To taste gently!


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