10 unusual rooms

10 unusual rooms

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Discover 10 realizations of unusual rooms unearthed in the catalogs of decoration specialists or in guest rooms. Atmospheres from here or elsewhere, hanging or overwater beds ... stock up on ideas for your future cozy nest!

Hanging bed

Essix Home Collection Bring the unusual into your bedroom by creating a hanging bed! Here the bed is placed on a wooden board hung with ropes. It's very simple but the effect is guaranteed! Shopping link:

Jungle decor

Spoiler Recreate an exotic and summer bedroom inspired by this atmosphere: hanging white sails, a bamboo headboard, dark wood furniture and floorboards, tropical plants and pretty flowery bed sheets like here with hibiscus for an original jungle set. Shopping link:

Oriental white

Maisons du Monde Here an unusual oriental bedroom dressed in white. The walls were painted with lime in beige tones. The headboard in solid mango wood lace, dressed in aged white paint, matches the two bedside tables and the trunk at the end of the bed. Wicker baskets, chiseled metal suspensions and a large silver mirror dress everything elegantly. Shopping link:

On stilts

Carocim Here, the bed has been placed on a wooden structure for an original effect on stilts. To dress the whole, the floor and the headboard were made of cement tiles with decorations inlaid with floral, animal and plain patterns. Shopping link:

Scandinavian Pentagon

Essix Home Collection Here a decoration inspired by the Scandinavian style. Natural colors, pastel shades and retro patterns create a soft and serene atmosphere. The geometric structure of the bed adds a design and unusual touch to the whole. Shopping link:

Liberty princess

Valsoyo For a real princess bedroom, take inspiration from this achievement to find at * Valsoyo *, apartments for rent in the Drôme. Here the headboard was chosen in wood, all capped by castle-like curtains. On the wall, the sconces are in the shape of a candle and the patchwork sheets of liberty and patterns in soft old pink enhance the whole. More info:

Cabin in Canada

Valsoyo Take inspiration from this room designed like a log cabin in the depths of Canada. The materials create a warm space: the ubiquitous wood of course but also the stone on the wall and the leather bedspread. A realization of the Valsoyo guest rooms in the Drôme. More info:

So British!

Maisons du Monde Create an unusual room by adopting the total English look! Take inspiration from this atmosphere created by Maisons du Monde, no detail of which escapes style. Symbol of English chic, the brown aged leather headboard is associated with a bed end mounted on 6 feet with matching casters. On the floor, a carpet in the colors of the flag, on the wall, a Scottish motif wallpaper, a white and red duvet and voila! Shopping link:


Maisons du Monde Recreate an African safari atmosphere by taking inspiration from this room signed * Maisons du Monde *. A convenient travel trunk aspect, trophies, painting and statues of elephant and rhinoceros, a display case with spears, a lantern ... there is no shortage of details. The furniture was chosen in dark wood and exotic plants finish creating an unusual atmosphere. Shopping link:


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